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Tesla reporting earnings Wednesday after the close all eyes will be on margins as the street predicts a drop in the third quarter following price cuts and slower sales in China PR sub Manan is senior Autos reporter here at Yahoo finance so uh tell us what we should be looking for here from Tesla hey Julie so you know kind of big numbers Top Line here we're looking at $ 24.16 billion about a 13.6% jump from a year ago and adjusted EPS of 74 cents a share uh but Eid around 3.9 billion which would be a 21% decrease from a year ago now I'm watching three other big things here that are sort of I think investors will be also watching as well uh number one is delivery guidance uh are they going to hit that 1.8 million uh unit figure that they said they would hit uh for 2023 they only delivered 435,000 cars last quarter meaning they have to produce around 500,000 this quarter I'm sorry in Q4 to hit that Mark so we'll see if they can do that it'll require a monster quarter to do so uh watching for cybertruck production ction and delivery news they're supposed to have an event in Q3 that never happened I think there's some anxious eyes here on when will that when will that be when will they actually begin production and when will we actually have the delivery event uh finally the model 3 refresh that's out in certain markets but it's not here in the US just quite yet want to hear when that new refresh mod 3 will come this car is sort of sort a little bit long in the tooth right now it needs some improvements here both inside and out to sort of give that that car a bit of a boost here even despite the recent price cuts for that model PR great stuff thank you for that

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