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all right uh we're also keeping an eye on Tesla shares the stock has been flip-flopping this morning after strong production and delivery numbers now total deliveries for the second quarter coming in at 466 140 total production at just under 480 000 both of those numbers beating expectations the stock was initially higher but again we had that holiday shortened trading day earlier this week so so a bumped in now the company's performance in China could be seen as the big win here delivery is from Tesla's Shanghai plant rose almost 20 percent from a year earlier Tesla's still been having a moment I know the Stock's flip-flopping right now but it's been you know it's been seeing some strength recently you know that remember the pricing cuts that seem to have helped pricing Wars yeah pricing Wars been a big story for Tesla and that has really pressured some of the other automakers to just think about where they can either tell the story about credits that would be able to be applied to some of the purchases among potential or ecosystem customers that they they may have but year to date you're taking a look at test the shares still holding on the gains of about 125 percent just a little bit over that and I think as we move forward from here the story really is going to continue to be about where Tesla as this company does not have the traditional dealership type of model is able to communicate better own pricing make sure that even as the cohort of electric vehicle purchasers continues to rise as a percentage at least of total Vehicles sold here in the U.S and more broadly around the world where they can maintain market share as some of the larger auto manufacturers are ramping up production whether it's Ford whether it's GM they certainly have some lofty goals over these next few years and a partnership actually on the charging Network front that could be strong at least as perhaps a rising tide to make sure that consumers know that there will be more availability for people to um not gas up but just charge it all right all battery

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