Tesla (TSLA) To Install 2K Chargers At Hilton Hotels (Video)

it's time for a look at developing stories let's bring in Kevin green senior markets correspondent here on Schwab Network and this is some big news Hilton announcing today that EV owners will in fact have a place to charge their vehicles thank you Tesla tell us more about that yeah definitely and actually Hilton already has around 1,148 us Hilton uh Tesla Chargers if you will and they're going to expand that they did announced today that they're going to expand that over to over 20,000 Tesla Universal wall Chargers here at around 2,000 properties and this is just a way for them to be able to obviously cater to their customers but also acknowledging the fact that the EV Revolution is starting to take hold here now the specific locations are not identified at this point in time but you uh should suspect that we will probably see a pretty significant focus when it comes to California uh Texas and some of the other markets that have seen a really big boom when it comes to the EV charging uh the EV Market in itself here so right now we are seeing the shares for both companies down on the session but we are seeing a lot of volatility in the equity Market as a as a whole but I would be uh very curious to see if we all see other competitors for Hilton uh taking the same type of steps here and this is once again one of the areas of Tesla that continues to grow at a rapid Pace actually it's the fastest po portion of their business that is growing right now uh and it's the one that actually does generate the most profit or has the best operating margins if you will so this is a very interesting opportunity when it comes to Tesla I would not be surprised if we continue to hear other news uh like this com from other competitors not only just within the hospitality space but in other spaces as well especially when it comes to retail yeah understood all right making it more and more available to folks keep growing on those Chargers Kevin green thank you senior markets Force f it appreciate it