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Jim Farley put out a very famous short video which uh gave us the sum total of one of the things that the problem and that's that's the software business and the software that in essence is holding in the ever evolving world of electric vehicles there's a critical element that sets one company apart from the rest soft imagine having the exact replica of the Cyber truck right on your shelf or desk this cyber truck toy is meticulously designed to capture every detail of the real life counterpart from the iconic stainless steel body to the futuristic angular design with the Cyber Tru toy you don't have to wait for the real deal to hit the streets hold the future in your hands right now don't wait order your cybertruck toy today and be part of an elite group of Tesla fans who will get to enjoy this exclusive collector's item in this video we'll dive into a discussion led by autom motive experts Sandy Monroe and John maoy they shed light on a problem plaguing Legacy automakers their struggle with software join us as we unravel why mastering software is the key to success in the electric vehicle industry the software divide Tesla versus Legacy automakers Jim Farley Ford's CEO recently highlighted a significant issue facing the automotive industry software Tesla's unique approach involves developing their software inhouse setting them miles ahead of the competition Legacy automakers on the other hand rely on a multitude of suppliers each contributing different software components everybody back the the key to success at Tesla is the fact that they develop all their own software they don't give out anything but that's as far as it goes and so guess what you cannot do you can't do over thear updates impossible they'll get there in the 2025 20 this frag M mation hinders their ability to provide overthe a updates a feature Tesla has offered for over a decade the Tesla difference softwar defined cars Tesla isn't just an automaker they're a software first company their vehicles are essentially computers on Wheels with software being at the heart of every Tesla they follow a softwar defined car approach designing the vehicle's functions in software first and then implementing them with centralized zonal Computing this differs significantly from Legacy automaker traditional Hardware focused approach Legacy automakers racing to catch up Legacy automakers have realized they need to catch up their vehicles often comprising disperate software components from various suppliers are miles behind Tesla's software cohesion Farley mentions that Legacy automakers might reach Tesla's 2010 level of software integration by 2025 a significant lag meanwhile Tesla is continually pushing the boundaries of software Innovation leaving others playing catchup why aren't Legacy automakers embracing Tesla's software one might wonder why Legacy automakers aren't flocking to Tesla to license their software the answer appears to be a mix of corporate pride and perhaps a touch of arrogance Elon Musk recently hinted at a major automaker licensing Tesla's full self-driving FSD technology our bet it's Ford the future of autonomy GameChanger for Mobility while electric propulsion is transformative autonomy is the real game Cher for Mobility autonomous vehicles promise accessibility for everyone regardless of age or ability instead of owning a car the future may involve subscribing

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