Tesla’s Growth Exceeds 50% Per Year (Video)

Hello friends James Stevenson here with a really quick video uh Loki is on assignment in Istanbul but I wanted to show you uh this chart that I just put out on Twitter of Tesla's total Global deliveries versus a 50% annual growth rate target that was Set uh back in 2020 so a long time ago and if you look at the actual deliveries for Tesla $499 6 47 back in 2020 and if you just apply a 50% growth rate to that you get what's shown on this straight line uh that's the dashed Red Line shown on this chart how can this be a straight line if every year the 50% growth compounds on itself it's because I'm using a logarithmic scale for my y AIS you can see 100,000 deliveries down here a million deliveries here and 10 million deliveries up here so it would take a few more years to get to 10 million from where we are today but let's compare so if you uh if you compare Tesla's actual 2021 deliveries which were the white bar labeled as 93622 what happened is Tesla just overachieved that 50% growth rate by so much back in 2021 that if you compare against 2021 their growth has been less than 50% but if instead of comparing that way you compare against the original Target which was hey we're going to try to grow our sales by 50% per year some Years it'll be more some Years it'll be less but that's our Target then what number you want to use in 2021 is the 2020 deliveries plus 50% growth or 750,000 Vehicles basically then in 2022 what would that growth have gotten you to another 50% from 750,000 would have been 1,1 125,000 nearly uh did Tesla beat that number yes they did in 2022 with more than 1.3 million Vehicles delivered what's the number for 2023 well another 50% growth on top of 1.1 million would get you to almost 1.7 million is Tesla going to beat that number yes they certainly will if they have any year-over-year growth at all in Q4 because the Q3 uh 12 trailing months for 2023 is already 1,729 352 so all Tesla has to do is beat uh the prior year Q4 by anything at all uh to end 2023 and they will still be ahead of the multi-year uh growth Target of 50% per year and that is my video for today so with that I will outro and say if you've enjoyed today's video don't forget to click the like button thank you for uh subscribing to me for all those who do on patreon or on X or by joining my YouTube channel as my executive producers Kathy kitler and Rebellion aire.com did and I'll see you in the next one