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let's shift our Focus now to stories from the world of business uh focusing on an electrifying story that has investors buzzing in technology enthusiasts on edge of their seats teslathered around electric vehicle maker has reached a seven month high in its stock price fueled by insatiable investor appetite for Mega cap yes these Mega cap tech stocks and a string of recent positive news but that's not all in the midst of this exciting development we also delve into the latest advancements from Elon musk's brain implant startup neuralink as it Garners attention and Hefty valuations the electric vehicle giant stock has experienced an impressive climb recording its longest winning streak since January 2021. despite facing challenges and a significant plunge last year Tesla shares have surged 87 percent this year defining expectations in attracting renewed investor confidence the recent positive news surrounding the company it's contributed to this rapid Ascent as fares of a recession have diminished and the demand for technology and growth stocks searched adding to Tesla's recent success is the eligibility of all model 3 sedans for the full U.S tax credit a development announced by the U.S treasury Department this news has helped alley concerns about the slowing demand for Tesla's cars and electric vehicles as a whole furthermore the appointment of a new CEO for social media platform Twitter has provided reassurance to investors who are worried about Elon musk's involvement in multiple high-profile Ventures and additionally we explore the remarkable journey of neurolink as well Elon musk's brain implants startup as we mentioned which has recently seen a surge in valuation reaching an impressive 5 billion US Dollars neurolink's ambitious plans to revolutionize brain implants have captured the imagination of investors and the company's approval for a human trial on its brainship has further Amplified interest as well as the world of electric vehicles and advanced neural technology Converse the stage is now set for captivating and transformative future [Music]

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