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and now we turn our attention to the dynamic world of electric vehicles as two major players make waves in the industry Tesla and Rivier and Automotive have experienced an impressive surge in their shares and second quarter deliveries Tesla shares skyrocketed by seven percent following better than expected quarterly deliveries proving CEO Elon Musk strategy of boosting volumes through discounts is paying off this surge lifted Tesla's market value by staggering 57 billion dollars to reach a remarkable 887 billion dollars the company's stock is already more than doubled in value this year far exceeding analysts price targets however concerns about potential margin pressures due to aggressive discounting have been raised by some brokerages as well meanwhile Ruby and Automotive based in California had struggled with supply chain issues causing delays in production however the company managed to surpass markets estimates for second quarter deliveries sparking renewed investor confidence ravian stocks sold by 17.4 percent in a holiday shortened session reaching its highest value in over four months experts believe that stable demand and riven's efforts to combat supply chain challenges by developing an in-house Drive Unit May position the company to capture a larger market share in the increasingly crowded electric vehicle Market Tesla delivered 466 1440 vehicles in the April to June period that is a 10 increase from the previous quarter and an impressive 83 rise compared to the previous year some analysts suggest that Tesla's annual delivery Target around 1.8 million Vehicles may now be too conservative given that the company has already achieved about half of that goal in just the first six months of 2023. Beyond is now available in your country download the app now get all the news on the move

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