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[Music] is it the perfect time to buy or sell Tesla stock welcome back folks today we're diving deep into the world of Tesla we've got an exciting update for you building Upon Our initial report published on our website last Friday October 6th 2023 so buckle up and get ready for an even more detailed anal is but before we begin make sure you're subscribed to our Channel don't forget to smash that like button and hit the notification Bell by doing so you'll stay in the loop with all our latest analyses and crucial updates that could have a significant impact on your Investments now let's take it up a notch and revolutionize your trading decisions with our Cutting Edge AI stock analysis tool introducing gp4 powered technology available exclusively on stockinvest.us tap into the immense power of artificial intelligence and unlock free Price predictions and deep analysis for any of the 25,000 companies across the globe it's time to supercharge your investment game before we proceed it's essential to mention that this video is for informational purposes only remember it should never be considered as Financial advice always consult with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions hey there welcome back to our Channel today we have some exciting insights to share about Tesla's stock performance so here's the deal since October 4th 2023 our system has ranked Tesla as a hold SL accumulate giving it a score of 0.91 but what does that really mean let's dive into the numbers and see how Tesla's stock has been doing during this period hold on tight because it's been an interesting ride the stock has experienced some natural fluctuations but currently it's sitting at a loss of- 0.24 4% since our initial recommendation to hold SL accumulate that translates to an average loss ofus 0.08% per day since we labeled it as hold / accumulate quite fascinating isn't it are you ready to seize a great opportunity in the stock market let's dive into the analysis of a trending stock and discover the potential for short-term Traders picture this a stock that is currently riding the upper part of a wide falling Trend this situation often presents an ideal selling opportunity for short-term Traders with an expected reaction back towards the lower part of the trend it's time to make a move but wait there might be something more keep an eye on the top trend line at $271 58 if it breaks we could witness a slower falling rate which could be the first sign of a major Trend shift get ready to ride the wave of change now let's shift our Focus to the Future future based on the current 3-month Trend there's a potential minus 6.16% change on the horizon but don't let that discourage you the possible return ranges from – 2.79% to- 2.18% it's all about timing and seizing the right moment looking further ahead the 12-month Trend suggests a whopping 44.2 3% change imagine the possibilities the potential return ranges from 0.75 5 1% to a staggering 74.6% get ready for a thrilling journey in the stock market buckle up and get excited if you're ready to take a chance this stock could lead you to a price range of $262 49 to$ 45489 after a year it's time to make your move and embrace the potential rewards that lie ahead attention Tesla enthusiasts brace yourselves for some some exciting news in our latest update we have thrilling developments to share about Tesla's stock performance on the last trading day which was Friday October 6th 2023 Tesla's stock price experienced a Green Day with a gain of 0.85% hold on tight as we delve into the details throughout the trading day the stock price exhibited some interesting fluctuations it ranged from a day low of $250.66 all the way up to a day high of $ 6165 showcasing a 4.39% difference over the past 2 weeks Tesla's stock has displayed a commendable upward Trend soaring by an impressive 6.39% now let's talk numbers on the last trading day approximately 117 million shares of Tesla were bought and sold resulting in a staggering transaction value of around 30.48 billion it's worth noting that the volume of shares traded decreased by 1 million compared to the the previous day such a decline in volume on higher prices can be seen as a Divergence and may serve as an early warning for potential changes in the coming days but that's not all to gain a comprehensive perspective let's zoom out and examine Tesla's performance over the past year the highest price the stock reached during this period was an impressive $299 129 while the lowest price was a modest $11.8 currently the stock price stands at a 12.95 5% difference from its 52- we High equivalent to a $38.75 decrease moreover it is a remarkable 71.7% lower than its all-time high which was achieved on January 25th 2021 reaching an astonishing $900 40 get ready for some exciting news today we're diving into the latest analyst ratings for Tesla hold on to your seats as we uncover the latest insights from industry experts brace yourself because glj research just gave Tesla a cell grade with a hold action on Tuesday October 3rd 2023 but wait there's more Morgan Stanley has a different opinion they recently gave Tesla an overweight grade with a hold action on the same day let's not forget about wed Bush they gave Tesla an impressive outperform grade with a hold action on Friday September 29th 2023 and that's not all Cowen and Company also sees the potential in Tesla giving it an outperform grade with a hold action on Friday September 22nd 2023 lastly Goldman Sachs has a neutral stance giving Tesla a neutral grade with a hold action on Monday September 18th 2023 exciting news for Tesla stock enthusiasts analysts have given it a resounding Strong by rating that's not all as they also rate the PE Ratio and Price to Book as strong buy this means that the stock is considered a great investment opportunity however when it comes to return on investment the analysts have a more cautious stance giving it a rating of neutral get ready because we've got some exciting updates on Tesla today the stock market is showing mixed signals for Tesla we saw a sell signal emerge from a pivot top point on Thursday September 14th 2023 resulting in a decline of minus 5.62% but don't worry there's Hope on the horizon as we anticipate a new bottom pivot Additionally the 3-month moving average convergence Divergence macd is currently indicating a cell signal however it's not all doom and gloom for Tesla the stock stock is backed by by signals from both short and long-term moving averages painting a positive picture for its future in fact there's an exciting by signal from the relation between these two indicators with the short-term average surpassing the long-term average should the stock experience a correction it's important to keep an eye on the support levels at $253 78 and $251 188 a breakdown below these levels would trigger sell signals interestingly despite the stocks price gains we observed a decrease in volume during the last trading day this Divergence between volume and price might serve as an early warning it's crucial to closely monitor Tesla's performance in the coming days want to know more about potential trading signals well here are some interesting ones let's start with the moving average convergence Divergence it's currently showing a cell signal next up the pivots indicator it gave a cell signal 17 days ago how about the Ballinger bands they actually gave a Buy Signal 36 days ago now let's look at the short-term moving average it also gave a cell signal 5 days ago and even the long-term moving average is showing a cell signal 5 days ago now here's an interesting one the relation between the short and long moving averages gave a byy signal 3 days ago if we take a look at the 12-month chart we can see some more signals the short moving average gave a Buy Signal four days ago however the long-term moving average is showing a sell signal 9 days ago finally the relation between the short and long moving averages gave a Buy Signal a whopping 90 days ago exciting stuff right if you want to find more signals head over to our page at stockinvest.us brace yourself for some thrilling insights on Tesla's support risk and stoploss let's talk about Tesla's support level which is currently at $202 this level is crucial because it represents a potential buying opportunity when the support is tested we can expect an exciting upwards reaction now let's delve into the risk factor Tesla has average movements during the day making the risk level medium however with good trading volume there are plenty of opportunities to explore on the last trading day the stock witnessed a staggering $111 movement between its high and low equivalent to 4.39 % that's quite an adrenaline rush and over the past week the stock has experienced a daily average volatility of 4.02% Hold On Tight get ready to uncover the exciting trading levels for Tesla but before we jump into that let's quickly go over some essential fundamental data that you need to know first up we have the price to earnings ratio or PE ratio this is a crucial metric that compares a company's current share price to its per share earnings a high PE ratio could mean that the stock is overvalued or it could indicate that investors expect significant growth in the future now let's move on to some exciting news the next earnings report for Tesla's Q3 2023 is expected on October 18th 2023 analysts consensus estimates for this report are at 0.770 keep a close eye on these numbers as they can have a significant impact on Tesla's stock prices hey there are you ready to dive into some exciting day trading levels for Tesla let's start with the upward Trend keep an eye on $262.50 as it could be a major resistance level if you're not in the market yet this could be your signal to jump in and if you're already holding Tesla shares this level might be perfect for swing trading now let's talk about the downside the first support level for Tesla is at $260 and2 if this level holds it could be a fantastic entry point for a potential rebound are you ready to dive into the exciting world of Tesla well hold on tight because we've got some interesting Insider information for you but first let's talk about the combined average rating for Tesla multiple analyst sources are giving it a strong by recommendation that's pretty impressive right now let's dig into some recent Insider trades this is where things get really intriguing on September 27th 2023 bino Andrew D made a move that caught our attention he conducted an Insider sell of 10,500 shares of non-qualified stock option right to buy what could this mean for Tesla's future but wait there's more on the same day bino Andrew D also conducted an Insider buy of 10,500 shares of common stock now why would an Insider be buying shares after selling some it's a puzzle worth exploring and here's another Twist on September 27th 2023 bino Andrew D conducted yet another Insider cell this time of 10,500 shares of common stock what's the motive Behind These Insider cells let's switch gears and talk about tonage of vibu on September 5th 2023 Tanja viu made a move that caught our eye he conducted an Insider sell of 4,000 shares of non-qualified stock option right to buy what's the story behind this transaction but hold on there's more to Tanja Vibe of story on the same day he conducted an Insider byy of 4,000 share shes of common stock why would an Insider be buying shares after selling some it's a curious pattern don't you think now let's crunch some numbers based on the 100 most recent Insider trades we've calculated The Insider power to be positive with a ratio of 65119 that's an impressive figure that speaks volumes about the confidence insiders have in Tesla's future overall insiders have purchased a whopping 2,527 2 11 shares and sold 48432 shares in the last 100 trades these numbers paint an interesting picture don't they hey there are you ready for some exciting stock news now listen closely because we have an amazing recommendation for you our experts have set the stop loss at $$ 2503 with a decrease of 4.03% but before we dive into the the details let's talk about the risk level this stock has medium daily movements which means there's a moderate level of risk involved now here's the exciting part our analysis has detected a cell signal from a pivot Top This signal was found a whopping 16 days ago so it's definitely something you don't want to miss wondering if Tesla stock is worth investing in while Tesla shows some positive signs it falls short of being a strong by candidate however it could be a wise decision to hold or accumulate shares at its current level keeping an eye on further developments our analysis indicates that the current price is overvalued considering the volatility in recent Market movements as we look ahead to Monday October 9th our predictions suggest that Tesla's stock will open lower by $2.90 starting the trading day at $257.66 attention Traders we need to have a serious talk trading can be a roller coaster ride with ups and downs that can make your head spin but don't worry we're here to guide you through it all before we dive into the exciting world of stocks we want to make sure you're fully aware of the risks involved money can be gained but it can also be lost it's crucial to consult a financial adviser before making any trading decisions now let's address the elephant in the room stockinvest.us while we strive to provide you with valuable information we must emphasize that it should not be the sole basis for your investment choices remember your Investments are your responsibility by using the information we provide you agree to take full ownership of your investment decisions it's time to take charge and navigate the thrilling world of trading hey there fellow investors are you ready to dive into the world of stocks well we've got some exciting insights for you take a look at our current view of this stock but here's the catch we want to hear your opinion too do you agree or disagree drop a comment below and share your valuable Thoughts with us and hey don't forget to let us know what your target is for this stock we're all ears oh and one more thing make sure to hit that like button and subscribe to our Channel we've got more exciting content coming your way wishing you nothing but success in your trading Journey have an absolutely splendid day with warm regards from the entire stock invest team

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