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hello and welcome to this edition of daily actives brought to you by bootleg macro I am Dustin and today we are looking at Tesla now if you can see on the chart we see something that looks a little unusual but not if you are a Tesla Fanboy or girl and what I'm talking about is the up the down and the back on up this thing has moved from what it looks like around 150 dollars just at the end of April all the way up to 250 at the very middle of June here which is a remarkable move if you believed in the bull market like you should because things go up in the market and Tesla is taking us higher now we look at the sentiment one of the things that's most incredible about the sentiment here is that this indicator generally never goes above 60 it looks like here at Tesla they're at 69.1 which I know Elon would love to see but the market continues to take Tesla higher I am in awe especially when we look at the volume here it looks like the volume is actually falling through on a move this is hundreds of billions of dollars that we've seen in market cap be created over the course of about eight weeks here for Elon Musk and for the Tesla Fanboys congratulations to all who are celebrating this new high especially considering that we are seeing this happen into the summer walls remember selling man go away well I guess it doesn't exist if you love Tesla because it goes up and to the right like a rocket ship to Mars baby let's roll if we look at the actual trade range the thing that I find to be most astonishing right now is that the volatility as you saw earlier is completely breaking out so as that volatility is breaking out the trade range is actually getting wider it goes all the way up to 254.26 when I say the volatility look at this the red bar is the volatility the volatility has essentially been on a rocket ship ever since May 23rd and it looks like price correlation which is the blue here we'll get a more close look here has been rising along with correlation so the price is rising with the volatility and that is a jagged move that means you get aggressive aggressive moves where things are breaking up to the upside if we go ahead and look at the actual daily raw data here you can see we've got the chart down here highlighting it we've got the daily raw data looking all the way we've got the 12 which is today when you see a white background with red lettering that means that it is at the top of its range it is three standard deviations away from the mean and Tesla is the only stock I've ever seen be able to handle this for the long term I mean we look here just at the overall bullishness it went bullish completely on May 22nd and 188 dollars you should have bought it you should have paid attention to the signals you should have been watching daily actives brought to you by bootleg macro but let me know in the comments below are you long are you sure do you like it do you love it is this even a good review I'll talk to you soon

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