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now in a bid to revitalize its economy Thailand is making headlines today as it seeks substantial investments from some of the world's Tech Giants the Prime Minister has announced that Tesla Google and Microsoft are considering pouring a collective five billion dollars into the country Tesla for its part is exploring the establishment of an electric vehicle manufacturing facility while Google and Microsoft are contemplating that development the development of data centers this ambitious Endeavor comes as Thailand's economy faces challenges with a growth rate projected at 2.8 percent due to weakening exports Thailand known as Asia's fourth largest automobile assembly Hub is leaving no stone unturned to remain a regional Automotive leader to entice electric vehicle and Battery manufacturers as well as promote local EV adoption the government has offered a range of incentives including tax cuts for domestic EV buyers the Prime Minister discussions with Tesla CEO Elon Musk and other Tech Executives during the UN General Assembly in New York have laid the groundwork for this potentially transformative investment with these Investments Thailand seeks to diversify its economic portfolio and stimulate growth foreign [Music]

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