The Boys Season 4 Teaser Trailer Reaction u0026 Review I Am Homelander #theboys #theboysseason4 (Video)

hey guys we just got a teaser trailer for The Boys season three with homelander in it so it's very interesting definitely love the boys always fun to watch so definitely interested to see where this season goes so let's take a look oh it's having trouble putting on or taking off all right okay I'm the homelander okay I am homelander it's practicing as a superhero sometimes you have to do things so why did I do it I did it because it's the right thing dude to do quite simply I did it because it's the right thing to do yep there you go everybody loves you because you're perfect you're perfect are you firefighters are the real heroes you guys fire firefighters you guys are the real heroes yeah you well you start fires teachers teacher teachers teachers teachers are the custodians of our youth they are the real you think you can do what I do do it nobody can do what I do I'm the homelander I'm the homelander I am the homelander I'm the homelander I'm the homelander I'm the homelander you are and I can and I can do whatever the [ __ ] I want yeah you can all right so do we have a release date yet no we don't have release date yet okay so basically it's interesting to see where we go since season uh two uh ended it's kind of crazy because you got soldier boy um you know who kind of caused a big explosion then you get the Maeve missing an eyeball and then you got you know uh Butch and homelander they teamed up and their son so we'll see how it goes uh you know always expect craziness more insane stuff uh what's going on we might see more a train out there with the type of stuff he went through and uh trying to be more voice for his black community uh overall definitely exciting I don't read the comics so I don't know what's going to happen but it's always good entertaining there's there's so many cool shows coming out this June and then July there's a bunch of TV shows so I'm gonna be pretty busy uh staying up midnight and making videos on those so stay tuned for that appreciate the subscribe to like and I am homelander [Music]