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BP just announced they've placed an order for $100 million worth of Tesla's superchargers these Chargers will be featured in the user interface of Tesla's vehicles and in the Tesla app but it's not part of Tesla's OWN supercharging Network this is going to be fully owned and operated and branded under BP's own charging business BP pulse these Chargers are going to be compatible with pretty much every electric vehicle model out there because they'll be equipped with Tesla's magic doc feature that they developed for for some of their own superchargers this magic dock mechanism is essentially an adapter built into the charging unit itself so they'll have both the CCS connector and the nexx connector this is the first time Tesla has sold its supercharger Hardware to another company at least at this scale they did sell some units a long time ago but it was definitely nothing like it is for this order from BP today so we'll have to see if Tesla sells any more of its supercharging Hardware to other fueling providers or perhaps to Fleet operators both of which would be very interested in having their own DC fast charging hardware for their businesses I personally wouldn't be surprised if there were more announcements of Tesla Supercharger orders over the next couple years here with Tesla and BP making this announcement today you have to wonder how this will affect some of the other charging companies out there particularly those that manufacture the hardware and sell it to other companies like what Tesla has just done recently the competition has been getting even more direct between Tesla and all the other EV charging companies I think a good question to be asking right now is how companies like charge points are going to be able to compete against Tesla's charging business in the long run and I actually just made a video on this covering charge points Edge in the charging industry and whether or not they'll be able to maintain that going forward so be sure to check that video out I'll see all of you over there and thank you all for watching

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