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well everybody spectacular the silver stackular is here to be able to offer to you guys once again the coin guy and spectacular silver round now I thought it was done I thought that we did enough of these things apparently you guys did not think so because I was bombarded emails and comments asking about these people coming up to me in person at coin shows saying hey is there any more of these I didn't even keep one for myself I'm gonna try to do that this next time here but right now pre-order on my website spectacular.com I have a link down in the description straight to the exact place to buy it from but you can get yourself one on pre-order I have it at a discount right now while it's on pre-order and then after the pre-orders are done price is going to go up a little bit sorry about that it is what it is I just got to do it that way uh but hey hope to see you guys on the channel whether you like to buy one or not that's totally fine by me it's just an offering for the community that did want one you know the coin guy is a favorite on the channel for sure and I want to be able to offer something that he and I did together in a silver form and there it is so anyways uh if you guys are able to get one or you want one then they are there and I appreciate you guys for grabbing one and uh leaving me so much feedback letting me know what you guys want what you guys wanted me to put more of those out happy to do it it is a labor of love putting something like that out there to build something like that a piece of silver a custom piece like that is a lot of work it is time consuming it's you know there's a lot of effort and stuff and a lot of cost involved and stuff like that but uh happy to be able to do it if you guys want it that bad and uh anyways that's all I got to say about that down below this video in the description will be a link directly to it if you guys want to grab one if not hopefully I can see you on some more videos soon we'll have a lot more videos about coins precious metals uh coin shop interviews all kinds of stuff in the future you know how we do it here spectacular is out you know when I was a kid we did this every day in school and I believe we need to bring this back a little bit I'm going to start right now I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all thank you

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