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foreign [Applause] I know them but I'm just going to read them to make sure I don't miss one because there's so many now uh founder CEO chief engineer of SpaceX uh CEO product architect and chairman of Tesla uh owner chairman CTO of uh x uh of x.com uh founder of boring company co-founder of neurolink and open Ai and president of the must Foundation hey everyone welcome back to my Channel today we've got something truly exciting to discuss we are diving head first into the captivating world of Elon Musk you know the name now let's unravel the man and his remarkable Ventures have you seen our mini Tesla cyber truck model it's a real gem shop with confidence we offer worldwide shipping and if you're in the USA you can enjoy prime one day shipping plus we have easy returns secure payments and multiple free shipping options available don't miss out on this Elon wears many hats and the most notable one is as the founder CEO and chief engineer of SpaceX the name SpaceX has become synonymous with innovation in the field of space exploration so this is that this is a star like uh connection are you kidding me that's oh yeah that works pretty well huh okay I think there's only one wait I think it's one of how staling Works uh in an airplane at altitude there's only one of those in existence right it's on your plane that's it 101. there are a number of airliners that have uh Sonic and there'll be a lot more in the future assuming it's working properly is you wouldn't even be able to tell you you're on the ground or in the air the latency is you know really less than 20 milliseconds so um it's uh you impact for a lot of I think for some people you saw any connection on the plane will be better than their connection at their house that'd be pretty great um how is um the Starship doing it was incredible to see the first uh launch but I understand you're closing in on the second I know you've been working really hard on that the team's working hard on it um when do you think you're gonna get the next one up and what are the chances it makes it to orbit uh well we have the second one stacked at Starbase so it's ready to go um and uh we'll just finish that up in the last week [Music] with elon's Visionary leadership SpaceX has disrupted the space industry in ways we could only dream of before they've pioneered reusable Rockets which not only makes space travel more cost effective but also brings us closer to the possibility of colonizing Mars that's right the red planet is on spacex's radar and elon's audacious goal is to make Humanity a multi-planetary species now let's talk about the surprising twist in elon's Journey Twitter yes the same Elon Musk who's pushing the boundaries of space is now the face behind the world's favorite social media platform but why well it's all about leveling the playing field for Content creators elon's Twitter takeover is about sharing Revenue empowering creators to have direct subscriptions and creating a space where original content thrives it's a breath of fresh air in a digital world that often favors Conformity over creativity but there's more to Elon musk's story than his entrepreneurial Pursuits he's been making headlines for his unwavering commitment to free speech and advocating for peace uh we believe we've completed the remaining um items requested by the fa so we should get our license hopefully soon um but really the only thing holding back uh second planet Starship this point is the record for approval wow what's your expectation uh or your hope in terms of the probability that it gets to orbit no it's just a question of timing yeah uh Alum it just takes to get the approval paper paperwork why not um so that's really up to the FAA at this point yeah but but what about making it to orbit do you think we are doing a new staging technique called hot staging uh where um the upstage engines or the ship engines well the um boosts the stage is still firing and um this is the most efficient way to do stage the separation of rocking dog orbit um but we did not try that on the last question and and we're talking about this Mission I think it will be overall better um but I think this I think probably about I hope all of us 50 chance of getting two-stage separation um and maybe at close to 50 chance of going to orbit if the heart staging um into your separation method uh because it works so I'd say maybe it's like a you know about I'd say probably above 30 chance of getting to open the Slime bars previously as simple is this in terms of complexity how complex is this of a problem compared to the other problems you've worked on in your career uh well so I mean making a rocket that is one of the twice the size of the center of five um you know it's uh in fact it was nature of the rocket it'll have roughly three times the thrust of standard five Moon rocket uh moreover it's designed to be fully rapidly reusable whereas the you know the Center fire was completely expandable and with Falcon 9 we we still expand the outdoor stage uh but we bring back the blue stages people have probably seen the rocket land videos and we are also able to recover the very um with the result management these things do land typically out to sea so it takes a while to bring them back to board and get away from fighting game the the thing that you know so there's a scale of Starship but then also the fact that it is designed for full and Rapid reusability so the both the booster and the ship come back to launch site they get caught by these giant Reckless alarms we've seen Congress of Godzilla uh it's basically that uh catches this giant rock out of you know better and it was a bad level more stand and gets ready for lunch so it will be capable of you know basically aircraft level flight rates um but it's much bigger than say a 747 or A380 um Elon can we um talk about the events of I was it last weekend the whole Ukraine Starling thing can you give us like The Tick Tock of like what's going on and like how you're being forced to decide but like what is it like in that decision room if there was one or wherever you were where you're trying to figure out am I keeping this on do I turn it off what is going on people must have been bombarding you whatever you can share about what that was like how you made the decision um yeah so I just was actually mistaken uh a little bit and it was understanding the situation um you know obviously we safe sex have provided uh starlink connectivity for you know to Ukraine um really since the beginning of the war uh every few days of the war starting um and as the Ukrainian uh Governor said that uh science was instrumental in the effects of Ukraine in a world where these values sometimes seem to be in short supply Elon stands as a Beacon of Hope his principled approach has sparked both admiration and controversy it's like he's flipping the script in an upside down world and the reactions are nothing short of intriguing so there you have it folks a sneak peek into the enigmatic world of Elon Musk from launching Rockets into the cosmos to taking charge of Twitter he's a force of nature reshaping Industries and sparking conversations wherever he goes with each new Venture Elon continues to challenge the status quo and redefine what's possible make sure to stay tuned to my channel for more exciting updates on Elon Musk and his Ventures if you found this video interesting don't forget to hit that like button subscribe and ring the notification Bell for all the latest content thanks for joining me on this journey of curiosity and until next time stay inspired

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