The Last Airbender Teaser Trailer Reaction Review Breakdown Easter Eggs Netflix (Video)

hey guys Nukem here and Netflix just released the teaser trailer for The Last Airbender now I never watched the anime but I'm hoping that this live adaptation is really good where after I watch the live adaptation it makes me want to watch the anime like what they do one piece you know uh manga fans loved uh the live adaptation and anime fan and me as a brand new viewer for One Piece live adaptation made me go watch the anime now I'm hoping this is not bad like Netflix version of cowboy bbop where it didn't make me want to touch the anime so I'm fingers crossed because if this is a w then this can set Netflix on a good track of hey I feel more confident to them making a live adaptation of a wonderful anime so let's go ahead and hope this is uh going to be really good all right and go time is a funny thing o looks like there's some battle about to happen okay oh an ice area okay wow this sets are massive kind of looks a ly ringy okay those are well-known characters I saw online trending on Twitter there's only one way to keep it straight ooh a volcanic eruption huh did he just fly in like with a helicopter blade there he is wa fire spell a flaming kick oh glows whoa that's a flying mount a little bat that can fly what is that wow those are all the elements isn't it last air bender February 22nd I'm excited hopefully it's 2024 right we don't want them uh to uh be like 2025 now that everything's like being delayed up the woo okay so let me give you my thoughts from a person that who hasn't watched the anime overall it looks good it looks like um they hit all the notes looks like um they probably looks like they got all the costume right all the characters look pretty much anime accurate from what I can tell from this uh people online have been doing a lot of side by-side comparison saying these characters looks pretty great and it looks like Netflix is going to adapt it straight from the anime uh I don't know if there's a manga last Bender if there is or not but if there is seems like they're definitely following closely where they're not doing loose adaptation not making it for Modern Art audiences uh I'm hopeful everything looks good so uh I'm looking forward to this on the 22nd of February if that date it's correct but uh let me know what you guys thought think if you guys are fan of the anime how does this look to you guys so don't forget to check out all my other reactions and reviews coming up all right bye guys