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welcome to a new informative video about the recent drop in Tesla's stock price as you know this company had been showing excellent stock market performance in recent years with constant increases in its share price this was due to expectations of strong growth for the company given its leadership in electric vehicles and autonomous driving Technologies however last week Tesla published its Financial results for the second quarter of 2023 which did not meet wall Street's projections and expectations specifically they reported earnings per share of 1.45 cents below the 1.81 cents expected by analysts additionally their revenue reached 16.9 billion dollars when 17.1 billion dollars was expected although Tesla's net profit almost doubled compared to last year the optimistic figures foreseen by the market were not achieved after publishing these Financial reports what experts call an expectations disappointment occurred which led to a sharp drop of over seven percent in the company's stock thus within hours the price of Tesla's shares dropped from around 850 to about 787 its worst fall in the last two months analysts attribute this to investors concern about whether the company will be able to maintain the accelerated growth Pace forecasted amid a complex global economic context looking ahead the market will be expected on the company's next quarterly reports to see if it manages to resume the growth path and meet projections once again for now the publication of these latest disappointing results meant a severe blow for Tesla's stock we will continue to closely follow the financial developments of this major electric vehicle company thank you for watching this informative video until next time

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