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Segment 1 Tesla's resurgence after a tough 2022 Tesla seems to be hitting its stride once more in 2023 company shares have soared doubling since the start of the year this surge was particularly driven by a spike in Q2 deliveries with an 83 rise compared to the same period last year Tesla's comeback story is noteworthy especially considering the 70 drop in shares following Elon musk's controversial acquisition of Twitter in a 44 billion dollar deal segment 2 driving forces several factors have contributed to Tesla's recovery notably a series of price cuts on all four electric vehicle models coupled with attractive U.S government tax credits has resulted in a surge in purchases musk's decision to install a new CEO at Twitter allowing him to refocus on Tesla also gave investors hope leading to a sharp increase in Share value segment 3 partnership benefits another significant boost came when Ford and General Motors announced that their electric vehicle owners would be allowed to use Tesla's charging stations with the largest network of such facilities in the country this agreement puts Tesla in an advantageous position and further raises its share price segment 4 stock status while Tesla's share price of 278 dollars as of Monday is still far from the 400 Mark achieved in 2021 the stock has already made a significant leap of over 126 percent this year segment 5 musk's new AI endeavor Elon Musk has further expanded his portfolio by launching a new artificial intelligence company xai the company aims to understand the universe and challenges giants like openai and Google which musk accuses of not adequately considering human risks in their AI development processes segment 6 xais integration Elon Musk aims to integrate xai with his other businesses including Twitter and Tesla by using public tweets to train its AI models and potentially collaborating with Tesla on AI software xai could significantly accelerate Tesla's progress and self-driving capabilities segment 7 advocating AI regulation musk has been pushing for meetings with White House officials emphasizing the need for AI regulation he also highlighted this during his recent interactions with top government officials in China stressing the importance of comprehensive AI regulations [Music] conclusion with Tesla's impressive comeback and musk's new AI Venture taking shape the coming months are set to be incredibly exciting it will be fascinating to see how these developments influence the future of both Tesla and the global AI landscape let us know what you think about the four-hour Tesla chart and daily chart will the stock continue to search

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