hello everyone dear friends with you as Ivan and I am glad to see you on my channel in today's video we will talk with you about Tesla and its effective business approaches that you can Implement in your Enterprise to be leaders in your field support this video with a like And subscribe to the channel to always be aware of useful and interesting information all Pleasant and useful viewing Elon Musk and a number of other Tesla Executives released their second quarter earnings report where they announced a record number of vehicle production and shipments as well as record revenue of about 25 billion dollars in a single quarter one of Tesla's key success factors is Elon musk's Clear Vision and purpose he saw the potential of electric vehicles as a sustainable solution to combat climate change and reduce dependence on fossil fuels this Vision has given the company a compelling and long-term goal that resonates with environmentally conscious consumers and investors simply put Elon Musk solve the problem and found a solution in his product which is now in great demand and popularity apply this method in your business if you understand people's problems and can give them a quality solution to this problem people will want to cooperate with you an important factor in Tesla's success has been its different marketing approach compared to traditional car manufacturers instead of relying on traditional advertising they have taken a more mainstream approach using social media and Word of Mouth to build a strong and passionate community of Tesla supporters this thoughtful approach creates an aura of exclusivity and enthusiasm around the brand attracting customers without a significant marketing budget and let's not forget the influence of Superstar Elon Musk the power of His tweaks can spark Trends and change direction there are a lot of examples of successful use of non-standard and creative methods in business and they work do not be afraid to do something new and unusual introduce your creative approaches because in the future this will help bring your business to a new and higher level [Music] the next thing I want to draw your attention to is how Tesla relates to Innovation and Advanced Technologies which distinguishes it from its competitors they have invested heavily in research and development which has led to the development of Battery Technology autonomous driving capabilities and energy storage solutions the company's constant pursuit of technological Excellence has created a competitive advantage and made Tesla an industry leader by following Trends and new technologies you can improve your business and stay ahead of your competitors as we can see in the aggregate all these factors give a very good result and a big profit naturally there are other important factors in running a successful business but in this video I have highlighted the main ones also important is the trust between you and your customers earlier I said that one tweet by Elon Musk can change the direction of the trends people listen to him which means they trust him the same applies to your customers if you create a first class product constantly improve it and maintain the unwavering Trust of your audience success will be yours your customer base will grow and your business and profits will grow with it [Music] learn from the best who have already succeeded in your field apply knowledge and practice and you will see the growth of your business if this video was useful for you support it with a like write in the comments what you think about this and subscribe to the channel to always be aware of useful and interesting information thank you for watching see you in the next video all good mood and success