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he was on Squawk on the street this morning basically saying that he is more bullish than ever and that he thinks he could see Tesla go up another four to five hundred percent the CEO revealed that his firm has made about 20 times its investment in Tesla since he first bought the stock back in 2014. Tesla is one of the biggest Holdings in Baron's fund and he says that he thinks in the next seven years it will be able to four or five times as big as it is right now in the stock market and the funds he's managed he is currently maxed out when the stock went up 20 times as far as buying more he says quote I would buy more if I could but I can't Baron is obviously loaded to the gills with Tesla shares and like I said before he is one of the rare hedge fund managers who actually has been able to outpace the market we've been hearing Ron Baron say this for a long time but to hear somebody who has been as bullish as ever still continuing to be as bullish as ever and still continuing to say he's mad text out or someone who's a long-term investor it's obviously a good sign especially taking into account that I believe most of his positions are already up massively Baron is also very bullish on SpaceX most private space companies saying quote no company can compete because no company can make the Rockets go up and come down and land again he said what is threatened here is Cargo he said they're going to have Rockets to go from Nevada to Australia you can move ordinance you can move Air Freight you can move anything you want 35 minutes anywhere in the world and he believes SpaceX is valued right now at 150 billion dollars and has the potential to eventually have a market cap of 500 to 600 billion dollars

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