Three-Stock Lunch: Tesla, Lowe’s, and Comerica (Video)

here with our trades the CNBC contributor Michael Farr of Hightower advisors and CEO and founder of far Miller in Washington great to see you Michael let's start with Lowe's hired today after better than expected second quarter results what's the trade here you know I've I'm I'm long lows I've owned it for a long time I'm very happy I've owned it for a long time I like that earnings report today 456 versus a 450 447 I think Management's doing have been doing a good job 15 times earnings growing earnings at 12 Kelly they've been growing the pro and online and they've reduced expenses and they've reduced what they call shrink the shoplifting they're managing that better with RFID a little gadgets inside of the power tools that don't work if you steal them better job than a lot of the other retailers I like this stock all right let's move on next Michael to Comerica shares of that Regional Bank down more than three percent s p Global cutting it's rating on the The Firm what's the trade here I'm a seller uh Tyler uh look all of these smaller Banks uh and this now comes as a smaller Bank of a very difficult operating environment of basically you know uh lending money borrowing money taking in deposits it's very expensive they've got risk of deposit flight the bigger banks at least have multiple lines of revenues I think will be safer it's a very hard place to make money and I I just think that even though it's cheap I don't see it going up and I think it the best case is it's dead money for a while I'm staying away from Comerica so well we got to ask you about Tesla remember Tesla but they were up almost eight percent this week we're gaining some ground after being down 11 last week on those price Cuts in China you know is NVIDIA the new Tesla what do you do with the stock here Michael look I sell it I'm a fundamental old-fashioned guy kind of I want to see real numbers look at the numbers here this stocks up 88 this year it's 66 times earnings the market cap is 740 billion dollars four dozen market cap of 47 billion uh GM has a market cap of 48 billion that's 95 billion for Ford NGM versus 740 billion for this I understand you believe in Elon Musk as a magician but that's not the way you invest money based on the numbers without magic this one is a cell and so pat yourself on the back take your profits go out and have a nice dinner tonight but this is a lot of long-term investment based on the numbers unless something magical occurs I can't invest my clients money on Magic