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hey what's up tlm token holders welcome to another brand guys tlm will be rising up now you can see here this is a confirm breakout and of course my weather we are going to rising up now if you are hold tlm right now it will be gonna good now and amazing I personally not going to work my weather absolutely I will home for a long time and of course I get a crazy trade from tlm token what is next price Target I will tell a disc I will discuss now in this video but absolutely if you want my brother's route will be reached this target kindly my friends keep watch this video and do it what I tell you you will make it a crazy trade from tlm token the price of tlm my friend was 0.01568 and of course rather win the price was decreased hundred percent whether it's only um my friend you can see here all the coin will be crashing down you can see here so uh especially volume you can see here uh when volume was weak of course maybe the market came in when Market Cape was weak definitely price was the crash now so right now you to see here in tlm we will see a very very strong setting right now but of course another from last 24 hour here we see a bro buying rate very high so that's why you can see here people are buying tlm and you can see it will be rising up like a rocket of course it was stuck now from very long time but right now my friends we will be going in a good position so that's why my friends I recommend you I take I I hope my physics will be get a crazy trade from tlm so join now the link is in the description when I give you call kindly take entry in Long position thanks for watching and see you next time

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