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here are three things you need to know this morning Goldman Sachs the last big Bank out of the gate and the results not great profit falling 58 from a year ago missing analyst estimates earnings taking a big hit from the bank's ongoing exit from consumer lending Goldman wrote down 504 million dollars of Goodwill related to its consumer platforms unit that unit including specialty lender green Sky which Goldman just bought last year but it's in the process of reviewing bids from potential buyers for it the results are likely to intensify the scrutiny of CEO David Solomon who is wrestling from everything from partner unrest to concerns about strategy from old news car retailer carvana reached a deal with bondholders in an effort to lower interest payments and put its business back on more solid footing the agreement reduces the company's total outstanding debt by over 1.2 billion dollars it also eliminates more than 83 percent of carvana's 2025 and 2027 unsecured maturity the company thrived during the pandemic when demand for cars surge but a lot of debt a big acquisition and falling used car prices since the stock and the company Down a Bumpy path the company's Chief Financial Officer Mark Jenkins says this transaction will help quote Drive significant profitability and help carvana return to growth Shares are storing on the news and Netflix and Tesla are the first of the tech Giants fueling this year's Market rally to report second quarter results that comes after the close today Tesla Shares are up nearly 130 percent this year as investors have celebrated everything from the company's AI related hype to the rapid expansion of its supercharger Network the primary focus for Tesla will be on Gross margins as investors weigh how recent price cuts are affecting profits as for Netflix shares they are just above 50 percent this year investors helping to see benefits from the password sharing Crackdown and keeping a close eye for commentary from company executive on how any Fallout for work stoppages in Hollywood could affect the company

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