Trending stocks October 4, 2023: Cal-Maine Foods, Tesla, On Holding (Video)

stocks are on the move this morning we're seeing a bit of a relief when you take a look at the S&P and the NASDAQ the Dow though back in negative territory treasury yields pairing back some of the recent gains of sell off in bonds since the 30-year yield above 5% earlier in the week a peak not seen since the 2007 financial crisis these Market moves come as ADP reports growth in private payrolls that slowed sharply in September adding 89,000 jobs we're seeing that as a welcome sign here for the street that was well below the 150,000 expected let's take a look at some individual names here cow main foods following this morning after missing analyst expectations for the first quarter earnings the sales they sunk by about 30% as the price of eggs fell to $159 per dozen from $228 a year earlier here we are also watching Tesla Rising today Morgan Stanley reiterating its overweight rating on the stock this comes as EV maker launched a cheaper version of its model y SUV for the US now the new model comes in at just under $44,000 still though Tesla is facing increased pressure from some of the rivals specifically in China we got some new numbers out this week byd among those that turned in stronger production month than the EV giant Tesla and we're watching on running the Stock's slipping today as it hosts an investor day in Zur Switzerland the athletic shoe company laid out its growth plan saying that it intends to double its expected 2023 net sales by 2026 while increasing its adjusted IA margin to 18% or above that in the same time frame