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trillions of shibi new coins have disappeared we're going to talk about that in this video we're going to talk about is this a bad thing a good thing is there something sinister going on that's what we're going to talk about in this video before we get into this let's take a look at what's going on right now with ship and uh we're gonna be here for a while the story is this right here this sideways consolidation right this like right here and we're gonna see more of this I'm going to leave that there because I think that that we will continue to see that pattern why September is going to be a sideways pattern scenario okay now I want to make you aware if you don't this is my trading indicator showing you momentum up down these are by alert sell alerts that's what these are this on the one hour every candle you see here is on the one hour um you can use this for any crypto anywhere you want in the world it's a trading indicator if you're not using trading indicator don't use mine use somebody's because it takes the blinders off it helps you to know when to buy when to sell and identifies opportunities um that you may not have known like for example uh you know basically sell right like if you say you want to buy here if you had bought here you would have made about about 18 on your money right there so if you would have put a thousand in you would have made 180 profit but then what most people make the mistake of is they don't know when to sell and right there all the way down to say here that's a 28 loss you would have made you know 18 right here and then you would have given up 28 and that's where most people make the mistake that's what what indicators do and you can see mine in real time gave you those those alerts Buy sell okay links in the description below there's a discount code down there takes you to this site right here 100 30 day money back refund guarantee you can try it basically um if you don't like it give it back it's a dollar and 23 cents a day is what it cost you after there's a discount code down there it's a dollar and twenty three is a dollar and 23 cents worth it to you it should be to at least try it with a 30-day refund policy you have no risk try it and then know when to buy and when to sell made 18 gave back 28 do you want to give back 28 no of course not check it out try it you have nothing to lose okay so here's what's going on trillions of ship have vanished from major exchanges what's happening well basically there's been major major outflows from exchanges one one of them was 30 point you know basically almost 36 million dollars worth of there's another one I saw the other day it was north of 50 plus million okay it's not a bad thing that this is going on this is people moving money off of exchange moving tokens off of exchanges to move it into Cold Storage so no there's nothing Sinister going on here this is something that's happening I wanted to make you aware if you've heard of it it's called outflow don't worry about it happens all the time check out my indicator get it pick it up you got nothing to lose I'm telling you uh on the thank you page here you go all the steps you can be up and running in less than 10 minutes 30 day money back guarantee discount code down there all right I'll see you bye

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