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as of July 2022 only 4.9 percent of new cars registered in the U.S were electric cars this is much less than the 2.6 percent that were registered just a year earlier in the U.S Tesla still has a big Edge over other electric vehicle EV makers in fact between January and July about two-thirds of all new EV laws were about one of Tesla's four types Tesla has worked hard to make its electric vehicles EVS self-driving and other companies are also trying out self-driving cars nobody is as far ahead as Tesla Andrew Capote it's an expert in computers and AI at the time he was the senior head of AI at Tesla he recently shared his thoughts on a number of important topics such as autonomy competitive advantage and Tesla's robot technology the AI expert who left Tesla in July said he did so to spend more time on his longtime passions for technical work in AI a open source software and teaching Capote is a big fan of Tesla and thinks like many other bulls that the car is just getting started on its way to making a lot of amazing breakthroughs in the electric vehicle EV sector he says that Tesla is the only company that can make cars that can drive themselves at least in the near future a long time before any other automaker or EV maker why did he say that though watch the video to learn more but before we start don't forget to click like And subscribe and turn on notifications so you can stay up to date on what Tesla is doing in a recent interview with Lex Friedman Capote talked about Tesla's place as a car business ex-employees of Tesla say that the company is way ahead of its competitors he also talked in great detail about Tesla's plans for self-driving cars and how its full self-driving software is being made all of the FSD Suites features have not yet been made available to Tesla's Fleet and Andrew says it's hard to say it will be ready because no one has ever made self-driving technology before musk has said that he thinks that FSD system will be finished by the end of the year even though the much-anticipated technology is still in beta the CEO of Tesla is always ready to do something one important thing about Tesla is that he sets goals and works hard to reach them because of this Tesla is able to make choices faster than many other automakers most of which take a long time to do anything because they have to get the approval of their many investors by using EVS Tesla is also trying to make cars that can drive themselves at a price that is Affordable the car company recently took the sensors out of its electric vehicles Evas and switched to a vision only plan Tesla says this is a scalable plan since sensors may become a drag in the long run the company recently said that it plans to get rid of all ultrasonic systems in future models to make them more like Tesla Less in the car industry cameras and centers are often used together this method is different ultrasonic sensors are often used in vehicles to help with their anti-collision safety systems find nearby items and help with parking Tesla's choice to switch from helping drivers with sensors to helping them with only cameras shows once again how unique the company is a researcher at strategy analytics named Mark Fitzgerald says that Tesla is still following the market trend of adding more sensors to the whole Suite he thinks this is what makes Tesla stand out from almost everyone else in the field concerns about the lack of sensors in Tesla's electric vehicles led the company to respond by saying that the model 3 and model I with Tesla Vision have either kept or improved their active safety ratings in the US and Europe compared to vehicles with radar and are better at automatically stopping for pedestrians the company also promises EV drivers that taking out the sensors will change the safety of the cars also Tesla has decided not to use Ledger in any of its cars most of the big names in the car business use this sensor this includes companies like waymo and GM Crews that depend heavily on live Dr for their self-driving cars on the other hand the full self-driving start at wave recently showed off an excellent example of self-driving that was done without the help of Lyda in a statement the london-based company said that they were able to make fully autonomous driving technology by using cameras and teaching AI how to drive like a person since the automaker chose not to use this sensor in its electric cars it looks like Tesla is also going in this direction must criticize the use of Lights in cars and said that Tesla's competitors in FST will probably stop using it soon Capote agrees with this because he said that these monitors are expensive but not really needed Tesla has made a database that other electric vehicle EV companies will take years to make this is part of its plan to take a sustainable approach to automation the car company is already getting a lot of information from the owners of its self-driving beta test Fleet and the electric vehicle Market connectivity has been one of Tesla's best features and the company is using it to collect data from its Fleet and improve features like autopilot Tesla electric cars are known to have cameras and devices that collect a lot of information and send it to the company's computers even though Tesla customers can choose whether or not to take part in this data collection most owners are more than happy to do so because Tesla uses this information to feed the neural networks that power autopilot and more late fully autonomous Driving Systems also forensic detectives and traffic accident analysts can use this data because it has so much information to help with any criminal investigations that may follow a fatal traffic accident or an injury from a car when a driver messes with the autopilot Tesla can find it and tell the mothership about it so that the neural network can get better Tesla turns a stream of data into a brand new service that makes users more likely to connect with it and helps them get more out of its products the information that is gathered is then used to build and improve the whole system for self-dragon cars as an added service Tesla ships to its customers even though it's just a software update that doesn't require any new hardware it's strange that it's being sold to users at a higher price if an electric vehicle company wants to compete with Tesla it will need to collect a lot of information and build on it given how long it will take to finish this with the Tesla robot which musk says will bring about a big change in society it's safe to say that no one will ever beat Tesla Tesla is moving forward in a big way many AI experts including Android think that the Tesla bot is on the right track if Tesla wants to make useful robots and automatic help for all parts of work and personal life after that it might take a while for Tesla robots to become more like people or useful in homes and workplaces musk on the other hand has said that the company's goal is to make a lifelike robot that can be used as soon as possible CEO of Tesla in particular has Great Hopes for this project and since Tesla is well known for its electric cars and is working hard to get the word out about the Tesla bot it is likely that we will soon see them in everyday settings Capote said that SpaceX a company that is part of Tesla is a great new business also because Tesla is made up of many different businesses and types of Technology it is worth more on its own than a single startup Tesla is known for setting high goals that may seem impossible at first but in the long run there is usually a way to reach them Tesla says that it wants to speed up the growth of sustainable Transportation by making electric cars that people want to buy as soon as possible in 2018 Tesla was able to make 5 000 electric model three cars per week the company had set before that in order to make money in the long run it would need to make 5 000 model free cars per week according to the earnings statement Tesla made 50 3339 cars this quarter they delivered twenty two thousand three hundred and nineteen Model S and model X vehicles and eighteen thousand four hundred and forty nine model three vehicles to customers for a total of forty thousand seven hundred and sixty eight deliveries no other EV companies technology and software can compare to Teslas the automaker is able to keep a big Edge over its competitors and Android capacity says that Tesla is the only company that can build a humanoid robot this size the AI expert said again that Tesla is the only company that can really finish the project even though it will be hard and take time do you agree though leave a comment below and tell us you can also click on the movie below to find out what Tesla has been up to lately how are you

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