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30 second stock let's go can Tesla go back to 300 per share let's take a look I'm showing the 52-week range for Tesla here we're trading near the top even though the consensus price Target from analysts is 220 a share Tesla's p e ratio is 75 which is way higher than the industry average for automakers of 15. Tesla zps pretty healthy at 3.40 cents per share the four year trend for revenue and earnings looks great EPS has beat or hit the last four quarters but it'll be interesting to see what happens this next quarter with the interest rates being so high the big takeaway here is that Tesla is not priced like an automaker it's priced like a tech company part of that is due to Tesla still maintaining very high margin on their vehicles but it's also due to investors believing in future Innovation from Tesla if you're looking at the company through this lens it may not be overpriced I prefer to buy low and sell high so I'm just gonna watch this one hey thanks for looking at Tesla with me I'm trying to keep these as close to 30 seconds as possible please subscribe if you want to see more fast analysis of stocks and we'll see you next time

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