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is crazy Tesla today is up like 2% in the next one minute I'm going to cover everything regarding technical analysis price action predictions forus and whatnot so make sure to keep watching till the end of this one and a half minute video not going to waste your time sitting at 260 bucks it doesn't take a genius okay this is a very simple all look doesn't take a genius to understand that Tesla is in a very beautiful bullish range right bullish Trend whatever you call it it's been trending up and anticip I'm anticipating these highs like the 300 bucks to get cleared in then like make new alltime highs which are above 414 bucks right plus how would how would we actually like realize this with Tesla again I'm following a strategy that I've tested for like 13,000 times in the last three years that has gotten me like thousands of wins again no no one is showing you proof what I do so on this YouTube channel it's basically just like me testing showing you what work what does not just trying to help you out what's my prediction right here if it ever would have come into this demand area which is this gray area I would waiting for a confirmation then be bullish to the highs okay B because basically if you're not following a strategy you're basically gambling and that's not the way to go about it with Tesla had two scenarios uh people are going to say trying to hide like their losses or whatever this is not even a loss like it just did not deliver which again it's hypothetically a loss but it's bullish from right here to the highs super close to living then he kind of came back down I'm still expecting the highs to get cleared but only if the price comes back down gives me the confirmations which are going to be a lower time frame shift something like this and then I'm going to be bullish so stay tuned for that it's going to be very interesting to see that's it if you found any value check out the links below there's a free course to learn my strategy for free

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