TSLA (Tesla) Technical Analysis u0026 Breakdown (8/25-27) (Video)

Welcome to our Tesla's talk analysis in this video we'll break down the recent Trends and Technical indicators to help you make informed investment decisions let's start by looking at the recent Trends over the past few months Tesla's stock has been on a downtrend we can see this in the falling prices and the moving averages sloping downwards but here's the interesting part Tesla stock has recently found support at two key levels first at 238.09 which coincides with the 18-day moving average this suggests that the downtrend might be showing signs of slowing down second at 235.98 around the pivot point this is a positive sign as it indicates that buyers are showing interest at this level on the flip side Tesla stock faces resistance at two key levels first at 239.97 which corresponds to the 14-3 day Ross stochastic at 70 percent a breakthrough here could signal an uptrend resumption second at 241.61 the Pivot Point first resistance point a successful breakthrough here may indicate a more significant uptrend to summarize the technical analysis suggests that Tesla's stock is in a downtrend but has recently found support at 238.09 and 235.98 if it breaks through the resistance levels at 239.97 or 241.61 it could signal an uptrend resumption remember this analysis is based on limited data and doesn't guarantee future performance always do your own research before making a trading decision consider these factors first company fundamentals Tesla is a respected company with a strong product lineup but it's also a volatile stock facing challenges second market conditions currently the broader stock market is in a bearish phase which could impact Tesla's stock price third your risk tolerance assess your risk tolerance before trading Tesla stock in conclusion trading Tesla stock is a personal decision consider all factors including technical analysis company fundamentals market conditions and your risk tolerance this technical analysis is just a starting point but always conduct comprehensive research and seek a financial advisor before making any investment decisions thank you for watching if you found this analysis helpful don't forget to like share and subscribe for more insights and as always trade wisely