TURBO COIN PRICE PREDICTION u0026 ANALYSIS | Memecoin News Update (Video)

with me other than you watching cryptocoup channel in this video we will talk about turbo and this is a one day frame from the gate IU exchange this meme go and is crashing and having its uh biggest correction uh from the from the very long time and you can see guys I don't know it is dumping around uh one two three four five six seven eight nine ten it is dumping from almost 10 days okay and now it is uh trying to make some recovery or I have some relief really guys I'm expecting that the turbo can reverse from the last spot around 7 47. in the recent video I gave you the prediction about this scenario that this this could be the possible that that this coin will uh uh Bounce from the 45 000 uh this these are my thoughts I'm thinking about that because after this spot uh break then there is a no spot after that so coin can crash to the zero or go back to the initial price where it comes from so I'm expecting that the coin will have some relief really at this Zone around 50 000 to 44 or 45 000 and thank you guys for watching my Turbo coin price prediction this was the quick analysis and uh subscribe my channel for more upcoming videos