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hey guys Newcomb here and Summerfest just released a new TV series of a beloved game that I played on the PlayStation and this has a lot of Rich childhood memories of mine is Twisted Metal it's coming on peacock yes and good thing they didn't do what HBO Max did where they dropped the HBO so peacock didn't drop the P from the [ __ ] anyways I'm excited that they're gonna do a series on this and we're gonna see if they have all the classic characters and see if we're gonna have Calypso grant them the wish the uh win the tournament usually it's pretty bad but we'll see all right let's see what Sweet Tooth got in for us it's gonna be fun all right looks like they're in Vegas and uh Captain America dodged blade oh I do strong face isn't it a little uh a name there oh yeah he doesn't need a card to kick sweet tooth butt you might need another Hawaiian Punch we eat this back in the cars oh yeah find the cars again get the power-ups can use it oh no copyright music oh God this is gonna get bad for me now all right oh poor Mac oh gosh he doesn't look like he's doing too well right now while he's singing oh he's singing too yeah he's forcing him to sing along with it silver hair yeah who's he talking about all right you ghosted him shot at ever since I can remember okay fourth habit I guess sounds like you have trust issues yeah you're not wrong nice pipes dude I have to say I know it's perfect so we two can sing can I go I thought you said you were coming to the show of course the glass is still cracking right now can I leave after the show give him Freedom Sweet Tooth there you go nice all right here we go Twisted Metal new series oh it's coming out my birthday holy crap on my birthday I'm gonna be watching some Twisted Metal uh don't know anything about the series or what's gonna happen but be interesting they the the thing that they need to nail with this series is the classic characters that we know and love from Twisted Metal for us hardcore fans and we need to see some power-ups how to integrate the power-ups on it and the character storyline I think the character storyline is pretty important because each in Twisted Metal game each of them have their motivation to win a tournament to get something that they need whether it is childhood be rich or something like that but you know every game had a different motivation so uh I'm pretty sure they're gonna make new motivations for these characters that makes more sense in today instead of the game time back then but we might have some classic but they got Sweet Tooth which is the most important character into its metal since everyone wants to be a killer clown in an ice cream truck playing the songs not giving out ice cream so let me know what you guys think I appreciate the like the Subscribe and I will be covering it on my birthday all right guys I'll see you next time bye

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