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this is ABC 7 News well as it turns out x no longer marks the spot of the headquarters of the company formerly known as Twitter today Crews removed the giant flashing sign that briefly graced the building in Downtown San Francisco good afternoon thanks for joining us I'm Larry Beale and I'm Kristen Z today's removal comes after the city received dozens of complaints about the unpermitted structure ABC 7 news reporter Suzanne Fawn joins us live to explain the development Suzanne so Chris and Larry the city of San Francisco has been investigating Elon Musk and his company they say musk violated the rules because he did not get the proper permits and now he's going to have to pay for that and the cost of the city's investigation does this sort of look like there was like a light show happening it was a sight to see from the sky but for people like Stacy who lives directly across from the gigantic X on the former Twitter headquarters building in Downtown SF it was too much to deal with I just closed the blackout curtains but starting early Monday morning work Crews were out in downtown San Francisco at the building they moved fast to take down the controversial structure I see nothing now it looks like they were dismantling the acts Frankie Francisco came down to catch all the action I like the attention that it got San Francisco you know I like the the conversation that was started but more importantly I'm probably happy for these residents I saw those Night videos and they were pretty extreme some were fascinated by the sign others frustrated super supervisor Matt Dorsey issued this statement I would like to extend an olive branch to X as I think there's a lot of people in city government who would welcome the opportunity to work with a large employer such as them on Friday the city of San Francisco issued a notice of violation to Elon Musk for not having a permit for the structure on his building's roof according to the department of building inspection and City Planning 25 complaints came in because of the X this afternoon department of building inspection issued this statement quote the property owner will be assessed fees for the unpermitted installation of the illuminated structure the fees will be for the building permits for the installation and removal of the structure and to cover the cost of the department of building inspection and the planning Department's investigation Elon Musk paid 44 billion dollars to take over the company formerly known as Twitter he made some dramatic changes to one of the most influential Platforms in the world Tech analyst Ian sure offers his two cents on what Elon Musk is doing it's very clear that he sees that there is value to sticking around I think the question will be whether or not the city of San Francisco is willing to put up with these huge bright lights and all of these massive changes and permitless movements and all that stuff because typically cities like people to kind of follow the rules and Elon Musk is not a rule follower so again the X line was entirely removed this morning just a day after the Twitter letters and logos were removed from the company headquarters some tech experts say this is a bad time to do a brand change but others say x and Elon Musk have attracted Global attention which may all be part of a strategy live in The Newsroom Suzanne Fawn ABC 7 News Suzanne thank you

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