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concealon must take over Twitter has decided to share its profits with verified creators the microblogging platform will now pay creators with a share of the ad Revenue earned from ads served in the replies to their posts users who subscribe to Twitter blue and have earned more than 5 million tweet Impressions each month for the last three months are eligible to join according to owner Elon Musk the first round of Creator payouts will total 5 million dollars Danny De Cruz assistant editor business today joins us with more on this Danny take us through this new Revenue system for creators how will it work so yes Twitter is introducing the new Revenue system for creators which is definitely good news for all Twitter enthusiasts the tweets that get a lot of replies will benefit the most out of it in a sense the revenue generated by the ads that are shown in the replies of tweets will be shared with creators but the precise allocation is yet to be determined some creators seem to have already earned massive sums of money one such Creator Brian krasenstein claims to have earned almost twenty five thousand dollars from Twitter which is roughly rupees 20.5 lakh who is eligible to earn money on Twitter Danny firstly you'll need to be a Twitter blue subscriber secondly you'll have to be famous Brian Cranston Steen has over 7.5 lakh followers on his account and that's not it you should have at least 5 million impressions each month since the past three months to be eligible for these earnings also this new feature is available in countries that support the stripe payment system and luckily India is one of them all right Danny thanks so much for joining us with that [Music] if you like the video do like comment share and subscribe

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