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Friday the UAW announced plans to expand their strike to 38 locations across 20 States after failing to reach a deal with the big three automakers the strike expansion could lead to very limited supplies of parts and cars for dealerships to use one dealership sales manager told me they have been trying to get as many cars on their lot as possible because of fears that there will be limited availability on new cars in the future when we're allocated inventory we were actually told by our manufacturer to order as many orders as possible and there are several there's a lot of orders that are in the pipeline and I don't think transportation is going to be affected in getting those orders here for what has already been built he says that while the strike is happening they will be using their used car inventory to offset the losses that they will see from the lack of new car sales but that they will be working to make the cars affordable with tactics like special employee purchase pricing they will also work with other dealerships to help you get the car you want we obviously know that we're going to take some losses but we we want to make sure that our community knows 100 that we're going to stand behind them on this and through this and we're going to try and soften the blow to them and we're going to take the hardest hit ourselves for uh for for our community he says that now is the time to get your car in for any servicing or warranty repairs because the service side will see a larger and faster impact from the strikes what typically happens when this when this does happen is we are told by the manufacturer that we can't no longer order any parts so therefore all the vehicles that we have in service that are awaiting warranty work etc cannot get fixed because we can't get the parts to fix them thanks for watching like And subscribe to the WSBT 22 YouTube channel foreign

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