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the United Auto Workers Union has a long history of strikes against Detroit's big three automakers General Motors Ford and Chrysler the union was founded in 1935 and has been involved in numerous strikes since then the current strike against Detroit's big three automakers began on September 15 2023 after the contracts between the union and GM Ford and stellantis expired at midnight on September 14 the union is calling this a standup strike which is a strike that grows over time to give National negotiators maximum leverage and flexibility to win a record contract the strike is still ongoing the union is demanding a 30% wage hike which includes a cost of living allowance and general wage increase the union initially demanded a 40% wage hike but its top brass now believes it can satisfy members with a lower pay raise the union is also asking automakers for a 36% pay increase across a 4-year contract the union wants the big three to reinstate annual cost of living adjustments arguing that inflation is eating away worker paychecks the union also wants the big three to scrap its two- tier wage structure and pay employees half as much of doing the same work Amounts is unfair currently the union workers who were hired after 2007 don't receive toine benefit pensions for years the union gave up General pay raises and lost costof living wage increases to help the company's control costs the ongoing strike against Detroit's big three automakers has had a significant impact on their production sales and market share the strike has led to a shortage of car parts which has impacted the supply chain and led to delays in car repairs the dealerships are struggling to get parts which is affecting their bottom line the strike has also led to a decline in production and sales for the big three automakers according to analysts GM's production could be down by as much as 20% in October Ford has also been forced to cut its production by 50% due to the strike stantis has also been affected by the strike with its production being down by by as much as 30% the strike has also impacted the market share of the big three automakers the ongoing strike against Detroit's big three automakers could be a positive development for Tesla since Tesla is a non-union employer it can continue to produce cars while Detroit's big three are shut down according to analysts Tesla could see both a market share boost as well as a price Advantage discount at the United Auto Workers union strike extends into October and Beyond in fact analysts say that Elon Musk and Tesla are the clear winners of the strike given the company's non-union stasis

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