WARNING: Pepe Coin Price Prediction Reveals Lucrative Opportunity? (Video)

is Pepe coin getting ready for a little bit of a breakout perhaps even a 28 rally now we're going to talk about this in the context of where we are in the charts and if you guys don't know I know a lot of Pepe coin community members and holders out there watch my content only on Pepe if you guys don't know I have a brand new trading indicator out that is live links are down below in the description we're running a crazy special right now listen a lot of people go into crypto blind they go into it not really understanding when they need to get in and when they need to get out that's why I wanted to create this this is XT algo easy trading Made Simple I had this built by an industry professional but on purpose made it super easy there are two indicators you're looking for momentum up momentum down possible retracement up possible retracement down two indicators showing two different things I explain everything now listen if you're interested here's all the pricing down below I want to say this though 30-day money-back guarantee if you don't like it full refund in 30 days but I'm telling you if you take this serious you can become a better Trader using the XT algo it is my indicator that I am now making public for everybody in the Pepe coin Community now let's get to the charts because we could be experiencing a double bottom a double bottom could be bullish now look at this these are daily candlesticks one hour actually these are one hour candlesticks earlier today this signal right here on this candle on this hourly candle we flashed a possible retracement up at the 11-2 right now we're sitting at the eleven three excuse me getting over a cold but it's not going to stop me from making videos so uh if you want access to this again link down below but here's what they're saying Pepe price analysis double bottom pattern sets Pepe coin for a 28 rally potentially here the Pepe price witness high demand pressure at the 10-5 Mark a bull's Divergence in the daily RSI shops uh shop reflects the underlying bullish momentum is rising now will this be a sustained rally we don't know but just from a technical standpoint we could experience up to a 28 return even a 15 to 20 return uh you do a few of those a week utilizing XT algo I'm telling you you can make money in this bear Market again if you don't like it full refund no problem try it for a month links are down below don't forget the discount code XT 2023 now here's what they're saying uh they're saying the 24-hour trading volume in Pepe is around 68 million indicating about a 15 decrease but volume across the board is down still pretty solid for where we are in the overall cryptocurrency Market but uh right now we need to sustain and stay above the 10-5 so far so good and the 78.6 Fibonacci retracement level so far so good there as well the second reversal pattern from the Pepe price within a month indicates the potential development of a double bottom pattern this is a bullish pattern again we'll see what happens here links down below to XT algo appreciate you guys we'll see in the next one