Warning Tesla stock could hit 100 dollars! (Video)

in this video I'm be talk about Tesla heading to $100 I think this is a possibility I'm not saying this will happen it had the stock has hit $100 uh almost $100 back in uh 2023 uh January 3rd of 2023 and uh I think there's a possibility we could see that price again will it happen only time we'll tell but that's what I think I mean we are heading into tax loss season so there is a possibility that people might sell out of their position to you know harvest the tax loss and we could see the the prices go down even further and this also depends on the overall Market if the overall Market is bullish and everything is green and at 52 week high then Tesla probably won't hit 100 bucks but if the market just keeps going lower and lower and lower every single day until Christmas we could see a possibility of Tesla hitting $100 in share price uh the stock is downtrending right now uh and uh if we look at the long-term downtrend it's just getting started you know it's just getting started long-term downtrend so I think there's a possibility only time will tell if it happens or not but uh that would be a huge buying opportunity if that was the case uh yeah so anyways that's it for the video thanks for watching guys I hope you enjoyed it and uh have a great day bye