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Hampton and welcome to Sims Markets weekly Outlook where I'll be taking you through the key events and the issue that you need to be aware of in the global markets this week the U.S headline CPI declined to three percent a year on year in June the law is since March 2021 the promising inflation trajectory streets and the odds for the FED to end its root heart cycle sooner markets are now pricing in only one more retired by the FED in July the slashed the US dollar and filled the upset momentum on Wall Street last week at the same Tech best for an imminent stock market correction has been strengthened and some investors believe that a pullback was overdue this makes this week's big Tech earnings critical to garage Market sentiments with Tesla and Netflix kicking off the U.S tech earnings season Tesla is one of the best performers on Wall Street in the first half a year up about 30 percent GM false adaption to its supercharger Network a recalled quarterly delivery number and brought Tech really all contributed to its Stock's success however Tesla's profit margin remains focused as its price Cuts may have weighed on the revenue technically the slot shares may have been overbought and surface a potential various Divergence Netflix subscriber girls will be still focused in its upcoming earnings report particularly in the ad supported tier and the password sharing Crackdown policy in the first quarter Netflix added 1.75 million users reaching a total of 232.5 million users globally technically Netflix shares have been moving in a descending Channel however whether its earnings results can beat Market expectations for the earnings per share and Revenue growth will be critical for its Futures movements at the same time China's second quarter GDP growth and the pbo's the rate decision will be critical for the global economy as it has a major impact on commodity prices intent influencing the Australian markets China has said its GDP growth Target at five percent for 2023 however in the first quarter China's economic recovery wasn't as smoothly as expected grew only by 4.5 percent the second quarter GP growth was forecasted as some persons suggesting the economy may have picked up in the second quarter the pboc is expected to keep the one and five year long Prime rates and change after a cut last month that's all on high resolution for this week if you have any questions please leave a comment and I will get back to you please subscribe to the channel for future videos and I wish you great week ahead

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