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hey guys welcome back to a semiconductor update today I want to take a closer look at a few semiconductor and tech companies we're going to look at AMD Nvidia Tesla Amazon and Intel share showing kind of recent updates in more of the semiconductor Market also the AI Market uh so before we get started I want to start uh taking a closer look at price point we can see it's been a pretty red day for the tech Market amd's sitting roughly at 96 right now if I may say AMT is probably one of my favorites in forms of growth and valuations at the moment nvidia's sitting closer at 419 dollars Tesla sitting at 244. Amazon is sitting at 126 dollars down roughly four percent on some FTC news I don't want to cover that today like I mentioned I really want to more cover things like in the AI Market in the semiconductor Market but Amazon is another one that's looking pretty attractive in my mind Intel is down a nice amount from its peak it was over almost forty dollars or over forty dollars uh a little bit a little a little over a month ago I believe now sitting at 33.83 Intel is looking interesting but maybe maybe I'll wait for this to go below 30. uh so let's start off with the first type of news that I have uh so there is kind of this llm startup um that did come out with the tweet and Lisa Sue from the CEO of AMT also kind of responded but they do mention hey big secret we've been running on AMD instant gpus in production for over a year they are thrilled to now partner with AMD to offer GPU Enterprise llms finally I want to thank the Motley Fool For sponsoring this video and check out full.com Jose for the 10 best stocks to buy now with that link you get a promotional offer for the subscription service now let's continue with today's episode uh so if we take a closer look it does seem like one of the CEOs of this company is excited to announce a huge secret with Lisa Sue it has been built on that llama laminin AI I'm pretty sure I'm I'm butchering that name has been building llms on AMD gpus in production for over the past year they made running llms on AMD super easy and the highly competitive option through their llm superstations available now at 10 times lower cost than Cloud so this is more of a startup company but it's pretty interesting to see kind of these um AI startups and a lot of these semiconductor companies kind of partner up one way or another or maybe invest one way or another with a lot of kind of maybe these AI companies to really showcase the strength of their semiconductor solution again the real main product here was kind of showcasing that they have been running on AMD instincts gpus over the past year here we can see an image it does seem like they're running AMD Instinct Mi 200 uh right here so uh pretty interesting it just goes on to show that hey look AMD also has AI Solutions even though we don't hear about it too much again I want to say we haven't heard too much of the Mi 200 or the Mi 250 from top top players we're usually only hearing it from startup companies and sometimes unfortunately because they might not be able to kind of get the h100 or other products out there especially because of the huge backlog that Nvidia has overall it is kind of a nice bullish trend for AMT not something that in my opinion would move the stock price but good to see the AMD Instinct mi-200 being used for AI Solutions now kind of continuing here in the AI Market I want to take a closer look at Amazon next before we go any further guys I do want to say thank you for the support we just hit 28.1 Subs in in the channel I'm trying to hit 30 000 by the end of the year so if you haven't make sure to hit the thumbs up make sure to hit the Subscribe button I do have a master's degree in electrical engineer I do a lot of research on the semiconductor market so I do have exclusive videos about the semiconductor industry click join to learn more if you want a special offer check 4.com Jose free newsletter at Jose naharo.substock.com free semiconductor news at semiconductor watch.com uh Amazon uh this was yesterday on Monday Amazon mentioned that they are investing in an AI company called anthropic uh so anthropic is a designer of this pretty cool llm called cloud and it's definitely very popular so they do mention that AWS will become an anthropics primarily primary cloud provider for a mission critical workloads providing team with access to Leading compute infrastructure and this is what we're seeing globally right now with all the big cloud players they're either creating or partnering up with a big llm company we see Microsoft doing really well with open AI Google kind of went their own way and created their own solution and we can see Amazon is trying to kind of follow Microsoft way and focus on investing and partnering up with a player one of the important things is this does show Amazon and their strong silicon solution Amazon is the developer they develop their own silicon solutions for their data center infrastructure two of their pretty popular chips for the AI Market are the trainium and the inferentia technology uh right trainium is to help train llms inferentials for the inference of of these kind of AI workloads so this is going to continue to Showcase that hey look if you're out there if you need clouding solutions for the AI Market Amazon has not only on the Bedrock solution which is their kind of AI platform but they also have the hardware that can probably the best price to Performance compared to what else is in the market out there so I do believe this is a great news for Amazon I do believe maybe Amazon was lacking a little bit with AI Partnerships to some extent and I do believe this is going to kind of push it a little bit closer to this AI battle with a uh with app with Microsoft and Google now focusing in the other three topics Nvidia there are reports that nvidia's B100 which is their next Generation data center CPU is gonna come out in the fourth quarter of 2024 and it is going to be built on the three nanometer process by tsmc there were some reports maybe speculations that hey look it might be going to Samsung but I mean again the no confirmation yet this is based on insiders but I do believe the h100 is coming out from a from tsmc's five nanometer line I don't see why Nvidia would shift out especially if tsmc um if they have some great Partnerships with tsmc so it was expected that the Next Generation would be on the three nanometer and will also have been built by tsmc a few interesting notes to kind of uh talk about there are rumors that the Blackwell or or the B100 will be nvidia's first multi-chip die um architecture which is pretty interesting so something that AMD is already doing with the Mi 300 so what I'm very curious is to see how high of a performance boost we are gonna see with this new style of architecture architecture um for the B100 so this is expected for quarter four of 2024 but most investors were probably going to hear a lot about it in maybe the first half of 2024 as we get the hype up built up for the upcoming generation in Data Center gpus kind of talk continuing this AI wave and semiconductor wave there are reports that Tesla is ramping up partnership with tsmc for Dojo super computer chip so remember Tesla is a huge AI company and they have created their own super computer the dojo supercomputer which is powered by their own chip the dojo D1 chip so it does seem like Tesla is continuing to invest and we heard from their earnings call that they want to continue to invest and make the super Dojo a top top performing super computer here with this kind of reports it does mention that maybe Tesla is very bullish and does need a lot of computational power so they're focusing on improving that Dojo D1 super computer so pretty excited there the final thing I want to take a closer look at are some news that came out maybe a few days ago Intel does confirm that meteor Lake comes to the next stop next year so if you have been following Intel meteor lake is their next generation of consumers CPUs we've heard about it only in the laptop market and is expected to come out on December 14th but it's been pretty quiet for the desktop Market but there have been some confirmations from an interview that Intel is coming out with the meteor Lake for the desktop Market remember this is going to be the one that's going to be using Intel's Intel 4 manufacturing node it's also going to be it's also going to have an mpu to help with AI workloads and Intel believes this is going to be a huge shift for the consumer client market so that's all I have for Semiconductor updates right now I hope you guys enjoyed today's episode take care have a good day and see you next time

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