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Elon Musk has literally xed out the iconic Twitter logo on Monday afternoon when Crews tried to physically take down the sign at the company's San Francisco headquarters it didn't go so smoothly San Francisco police halted the process over concerns of a permit turns out a permit was granted and if you go online the Rebrand to X is officially there too Elon Musk you know it's his company if he wants to Rebrand it he should because he can do whatever he wants with it any other brand would kill for that kind of like daily brand recognition but he's just so driven on his own little like personal like oh I can do this All reviews of the name change are mixed the Twitter that we knew is gone it's not coming back great Kian professor of communications at Cal State East Bay says this change could be part of a broader ecosystem within the other Technologies musk has been working on with automated cars for example you may be able to call a car from the x.com app there's more Beyond I think what is obvious here on Monday evening musk posted that X will be the everything app saying in the months to come we will add comprehensive Communications and the ability to conduct your entire Financial World Kian and other experts have compared this to Asia's WeChat it allows you to make payments but you can also chat one-on-one you can have group chats you can do video it's basically a system in itself there are media reports that X is already trademarked by other big tech companies it's hard to imagine that that wasn't thought through already it seems like as soon as we get used to something and we enjoy using it and we want to keep using it it just seems like everything shifts and that's not likely to change anytime soon in the South Bay Lauren Martinez ABC 7 News

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