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but with this viewers let's move on and it's time to highlight today's breakout counters and the first counter that we wish to highlight is Engineers India which on the charts you can see is coming and giving a breakout after a long time and is seen to be back at its 2019 2019 levels and if you will see this particular stock was facing resistance around that hundred odd levels but with the seven percent move today the stock is showing a breakout and this is the weekly chart that we are highlighting for you because for the past so many days if you will see the stock has been supporting its 20-day moving average line and not just that made and happened to cross that uh 200-day moving line as well and on to the charts that's a clear breakout coming in for engineers India and today was one such day where this shock where the stock was actually showing good moves with the gains of over seven percent uh moving on to the next counter that is a polo Tire seems to be no stopping for this particular counter back in September also we highlighted a breakout and today if you will see the stock is once again touching its all-time high levels and after touching those levels uh near about the month of May the stock was seen some bit of a consolidation but resuming its uptrend 383 onto the charts supporting and taking a bounce exactly from its 20-day moving average and if you will see there was long buildup scene onto the derivative side so these are the two stocks on the breakout side okay so those are the breakout candidates for you Engineers India as well as the polo tires in fact Apollo tires very close to its all-time high levels and the trend looks on the upside

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