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still have our targets of 280 dollars and from there if we break through we will definitely fill this Gap from earnings back on Wednesday the 19th of July and I think we will easily see because we have so little volume profile here on the right I think we'll easily see the stock move up to three hundred dollars if you guys want to learn more about how to use the volume profile and all of the indicators that you see here in our videos use the link in the description join the Discord Community you can go to our courses section and take our free technical analysis Mastery course best technical analysis course on all of the indicators that I use exactly why I use them how I use them in conjunction and it is completely free one last thing to note is the fact that we could actually for the next couple of weeks just sit here and consolidate within this bull flag pattern Tesla likes to move in very very predictable manners usually moving up consolidating for a couple of weeks pushing up once again consolidating for a couple of weeks and time and time again so there's also the chance that we could sit here for the next week or so trading between 280 and 270 dollars which is another reason why I wasn't trying to hold a big call position that expires within a couple of weeks because that's not good for somebody who is trading contracts that decay I hope this video helped you guys if you want access to all of my trades you can get them in the description completely for free we give away our trades completely for free the first month number one so that you guys can make sure that it fits into your lifestyle My ultimate goal is to help the people who are like myself three four years ago who have full-time jobs who are trying to become in charge of their own finances and trying to build themselves and invest in themselves this week alone we've closed over fifteen thousand dollars in profits every single day we throw out all of our trades we recap them in our notion document and you will get access to everything else that comes in our private Discord here Community like our unusual option spots and all of the trading Bots that I have coded myself thank you guys for all the support the links to all that will be in the description and I'll see you guys tomorrow

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