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I think the difference between Tesla and palantir is that investors know the s-curves they know that okay we know we know that we have the vehicles we got the full self-driving if it gets solved then we got the energy and then we got the block which is next level but for palantir I don't think investors know this what the s-curves are I think if they did know I think the stock will be um more than what it is now because they will go okay we have this Market we know that the government section is this and we know the corporate section is this so we know that there's going to be growth in the future I think if investors were more I guess educated in that I think um palantir will be trade will be trade will be trading more in a premium would you agree yeah if investors could see the potential of the s-trib of growth which I think retail understands but Wall Street doesn't get yet um I think you know it would be priced at an even higher premium the problem is with software companies Tesla's a consumer product right a car you can easily see it let's offer companies you can right you have to actually see the revenue growth and so I don't blame Wall Street for not giving them the the premium yet and honestly they haven't executed on that premium yet so it's going to take another year or so to see if it's it's really got what it takes but you know I'm patient I'm holding it for a while so I I've done enough due diligence where I believe in the fundamentals where I'm willing to give them time and I trust management and so we'll see if it happens

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