Why Tesla Mexico Means 2 Tesla Shares Are MUCH More! (Video)

the one missing plank for Tesla would be if they had a model two or some kind of lower cost Mass market car that could compete against the Chinese or just make it more affordable for a lot of Americans who might be tempted to switch but that feels like it's just way off in the distance at this point I but I believe by the end of next year a sub 30k vehicle is introduced by musk plus with cybertruck and that's why I just view this is in the early days even with supercharger and the sum of the parts this is not an auto company this is a disruptive technology company that's why you know we're buying here despite what I'll call definitely nothing right home about type of 3Q delivery number not too long ago Elon Musk dropped a bum shell a brand new Factory is coming to Mexico and not just any old factory it's a Tesla gigafactory commonly known as gigafactory 5 but why Mexico you may ask what draws Tesla to this new market and what is the long-term goal here well hang on tight because we're going to spill the beans on why this could be a total Game Changer elot most has been busy making plans and he recently disclosed a sixth gigafactory down in Mexico remember when he teased us with the idea of a sub $30,000 Tesla back in 2020 well this Factory is where the magic is happening the factory located in Mexico near Austin Texas in the US Mexico border region is envisioned to be a significant manufacturing hub for Tesla focusing on making electric vehicles batteries and related components in this video we're going to go through some the potential impacts that this new gigafactory is going to have on Tesla and we're also going to help you to gain comprehensive understanding of the significance of this new Factory and not just for Tesla but also its shareholders stay tuned and keep watching as this could be the news that will spice up your Tesla journey and who knows maybe even your Investment Portfolio too all in all these figures were enough to not see a massive day of selling which I think is a relief from Tesla shareholders this is somewhat I can't necessarily call it a rally coal but it seems like these figures were enough given the fact that Tesla pulled back about 20% over the last quarter definitely sof we've seen that in China in terms of essentially price War that's happened in China but I believe the poker move of cutting prices that was the right thing I think we've seen in the stock in terms of stimulating demand for Tesla but no doubt they are definitely going through a transition in terms of what we're seeing with demand in the US globally but if you look at scale and where that we believe they could get to production we're going to be looking at next year or two or coming is going to be 2.5 million ultimately in the 3 million what what they're going to see from a delivery as well as a production I think this is just Tyler in my opinion this is just what I'll call the middle phases of the next phase of the tasa growth story taking place Tesla isn't just building a factory it's crafting an eco-friendly Masterpiece and sustainability is the name of the game the automaker wants its Factory to be as green as its electric vehicles aligning with its commitment to Environmental responsibil ility the factory isn't just about boosting production rather it's like hitting the accelerator more cars and batteries means meeting more skyrocketing Global demand for EVS and that puts Tesla in a profitable position hey guys welcome back to Tesla tomorrow Tesla is not just thinking local and this new gigafactory in Mexico is more than just bricks and machines it's a recipe for growth accessibility and a dash of environmental conscientiousness this Factory is like a Launchpad for world ation and it starts in North America and it really is not just about quality but it's also about expanding Tesla's footprint remember investers tend to like it when a company expands strategically into new markets and Mexico is in a sweet spot for Tesla so how does this affect Tesla as a company and what's the game plan for this colossal Factory let's find out but before we do if you like this type of content hit that like button subscribe and turn on post notifications to keep up to date on everything going on with Tesla first things first you need to know that Mex Mexico is diving head first into the electric car game it's a manufacturing Powerhouse with a long history of making gas guzzlers although interestingly they're all in on electric and guess what Tesla's new Factory will be right in the thick of this growing Market which means more cost-efficient production and a Competitive Edge for the automaker you see for Tesla it's not just about making cars it's about making waves in the EV world with batteries and all the high-tech stuff that powers them Tesla is investing some arious money here with plans to make it a massive manufacturing Hub Mexico has got the experience and labor and they're not newbies to the auto scene they even used to make around 4 million cars a year before the pandemic head this country has some of the sweetest trade deals in its back pocket and it's partnered with 50 countries which is like having a VIP pass in the global market so when Elon Musk made eco-friendly promises to seal the deal with Mexico that was like adding a cherry on top of the Tesla cake Mexico could be Tesla's Ticket to Ride into new markets like Latin America and South America Central specifically Monterey where the factory is going up is like the doorstep on the US Mexico border Hub so it's easy to access the US market and it also means fewer shipping hassles with lower costs Tesla is investing substantial amounts of money into this new facility to expand production capacity and streamlined Supply chains the ultimaker aims to incorporate sustainable practices into the Factor's design and operations along with their commitment to environmental responsibility with this new Factory Tesla stands to benefit from low production costs the automaker is all about cutting costs making affordable EVs and taking on the competition and Mexico is the perfect place to do that lower production costs mean lower car prices and that's the plan already Monteray has got the talent a smart Workforce ready to roll plus a massive labor pool to tap into it's the perfect combo Tesla's got some Rivals nipping in its heels so it's important to gear up for the battle ahead a $25,000 Tesla is in the works and Mexico is the secret weapon to making it happen remember Mexico is no stranger to car manufacturing players like GM Ford Toyota Honda they've all set up shop there and so to shake up competition Tesla is looking to sell cars cheaper than anyone else let's even move a little bit away from production and deliveries this Factory isn't just about machines it's also about people the factory is set to create boatloads of jobs giving a boost to the local economy and becoming a vital part of the Region's growth so how will this new Factory affect Tesla's stock well first up it's the news of Tesla's latest Factory that can shake things up by leading to a positive perception among investors potentially influencing stock prices positively also increased production capacity can be seen as a positive indicator of potential future earnings growth thereby attracting investors this Factory success could be like planting a Money Tree although depending on the market sentiment the news of this new Factory may cause short-term fluctuations in Tesla stock price and over time it could potentially add up to the automaker's long-term value and stability in the end though it's all Elon musk's master plan he's dreaming big talking about 20 million tesel on the road by the end of the decade and even though some say it's a long shot we never underestimate Elon Musk when the dels come knocking he's got a surprise up his sleeve Tesla's new gigafactory in Mexico is like a page turn in the company's story it's not just about making cars it's about making history in the world of EVS so keep your eyes on Tesla because this Factory is turning up the voltage on its electrifying Journey what do you think about this new Factory in Mexico and how do you think it's going to affect Tesla stock let us know down below and if you want to know more about what tesel has been up to over the last few days go ahead and click on this next video on your screen see you there