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here in Kuwait there's no Teslas I know I mean there are still quite a lot of countries where you can't get them right and uh it's a shame but it is one of those moments when landline to mobile phones and then from heavy utilitarian mobile phones to smartphones um same with computers right I I grew up we had what we call in France the minitel which was I mean you have no idea it was making BBB every time it connected and it was a crazy story and and there we are so when you look back after a couple of this and is you realize there were some key moments where technology and changes just happened decisively right where you just know okay with this was a chapter it's over and there's a new chapter and while I had six years of EV experience even with that that one test drive was just it you just realized my gosh this is a computer on Wheels sure enough it's an EV but there's there's so much more to it and this will change and we just have to set it out and uh and I just said you know what I mean I don't need money for the next 12 years still working I'm having a day job I love what I'm doing so this is really for my retirement 12 years this company is gonna you know and I had no no clue about anything else this was just about the car and the car going to change car industry forever obviously this has been three years now so I've been learning much more about Tesla and I'm even more convinced today it's daily and weekly and monthly noise that we all comment on is nothing else the noise we just have to from time to time get back to that March 2020 conviction because that's what's really all about the problem is with Kuwait and I've met someone here who actually has a Tesla and he told me if you're fueling from like let's say from empty to full it's about twenty dollars same amount were you supercharging network as in back in Canada when you go from empty to four or zero to 100 it's around 20 bucks which is still good but he told me that when when he uses his supercharger when he just uses a regular charger it's about like 50 cents 60 cents here oh wow and I'm just like but that goes back like wait a minute so if that's low and the government here is relying 60 of the entire GDP on oil he said that Tesla coming to Kuwait is almost nearly an impossible thing because of Regulation with the government and sure you know all all this and I'm just like but like you know once you have a superior product and everyone's moving towards there I mean if you go to Dubai right now 30 to 40 percent of all vehicles are all Teslas if there's so much in advance I always think that Dubai wants to be the first country to have full self-drive just to have yes I'm convinced about that just because I think they just want to show the whole word you can't get it done you're so overregulated but we can do it and can you just imagine what a situation it will be for Kuwait looking at Dubai where there will be all these Tesla self-driving and they're still like no no we want uh we want our gas stations yeah it's frustrating because now because I'm I've been looking to see how I could get one here in Kuwait but because I'm an expat here we're not allowed to import cars yeah everything's so complicated and you know very well so it's like I have to like order it and then I would I would have to get a sponsor or a local here to make to have it under their name and then for them to import it and then if something goes wrong with the vehicle I have to export it back to UAE so it's like is that really practical at the moment foreign hahaha

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