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yeah hello Traders I want to show you a few stuffs on the list which I'm looking at right now this one is the Tesla if you look at Tesla here I do some trend lines it's coming close to the my actual setup on Tesla will be I'd like to see the stock coming close to this trend line and also the stock is if it comes it's going to be close to the 200 ma which is a major moving average 200 ma now it's below the 20 above the 200 so I have a feeling that maybe the stock has done on Monday but I would like to see this talk somewhere around here around 234-ish and then make a move second off second thing I'm seeing right now is dxcn I'm planning to basically here go plan a bullish move on this because stock has been going down for a long time stock has been beaten up so obviously when the stock is beaten up you think of buying so this is what I see here on dxcm obviously it can still keep going down here but let's see how this thing goes here this is what I see here on dxcm it's basically forming like a pendant tomorrow is what 25th September I'd like to see the stock going to around 89 over here I will show you exactly what I idle entry is going to be somewhere at our when she breaks this angle of attack and then it might try to test this 20 moving average obviously it can still keep going down but for me to buy it buy here stop and Target will be three four dollars up is still in a downtrend based on the pattern I have x-ray same thing with x-ray here has been going down and same thing with this one here if I draw what I see here right now is something like this I see this thing here and we might see a bounce off still it's in a downtrend so I'll be very very cautious when I bite obviously energy is going to be here and there's a gap it might fill the Gap here so it's going to be a quick scalp or quick trade it's still in a downtrend right now it's this is a daily bar so that's what I wanted to show you and yeah let me see what else I have Mosaic um let's look at Apple yeah it might come and try to kiss this 200ma but yeah I see something like this here the maybe it goes down C but obviously anything can happen but this will be I would like to see the star coming close to the 200 ma hopefully it makes sense to take care guys

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