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the entire Worldcom project is going to completely collapse and that's because despite all the propaganda by the team people are not buying it Sam Altman one of the founders of worldcoin gets completely hammered on Twitter have a look at this Sam Altman tweets day three of worldcoin launch crazy lines around the world one person getting verified every eight seconds now and this is the video below that tweet people are literally lining up in order to get the iris scanned and in order to get free crypto free world coin they're willfully giving up their privacy to become part of a global registry and so here is Sam getting his Iris scant doesn't this look super scary and even though on a fundamental level that's maybe not that different to getting your fingerprint scanned on the phone it still feels somewhat wrong and it doesn't take much for technology to get rejected just the iffy feel of it can be enough do you still remember Google Glasses here those Google Glasses the glasses that had a camera in the front and then heads up display and whoever walked around this looked like a dog like a nerd like somebody that might be filming you because there is this camera in the front people are scared to talk with you when you wear glasses like this if you've been paying attention you should already know that the tokenomics of the world coin investment are very poor as well they've currently got 112 million of circulating Supply but the total Supply is 10 billion in other words almost 99 of the world coin hasn't yet been issued so if you're buying World coin today then some point out in the future you will be diluted by 1 to 99. word coin is not a rare asset and so I see the technology failing I also see the token failing I don't see any reason to get into this whatsoever not even for ideological reasons there's no opportunity here there is unjustified attention on this the founder has a very good reputation right he's behind open AI which founded chat GPT this guy also used to be the CEO of Reddit and he's the president of Hawaii combinator a VC a venture capitalist that helped founding Dropbox and Airbnb so the founder is strong but the idea and the reputation of this project is not and we can very much see this in the replies to this tweet look at this in order to get the world to comply with biometric identification system all you got to do is add a coin into the mix LMFAO kind of funny how fast people are willing up to give up privacy for the promise of being rich it's terrifying how fast this is happening you are opening the door to a global Central Bank digital currency stop now for all our sakes you do not understand what is at risk a picture worth a thousand words somebody getting on the knees to get the iris scan to that up there's something off about you I'll figure it out do you generally believe you are helping people or do you know how messed up this is and are doing it anyway Sam like bankman fraud okay Skynet thanks for the dystopian footage one person selling their soul every eight second proof of stupidity Etc not a single positive comment and I do think this might weigh on Sam Altman at some point as well he's destroying his reputation as quickly as he can worldcoin will fail both as a technology and as an investment feel free to give this a like to help spread the word you can also subscribe and join our telegram at bitcoin's ready Channel simply search for this within the telegram app see you next time bye

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