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is Mia so then you’re watching Youtube channel Zen crypto is my favorite coin and you want to know it will go up or down what is the prediction what is the analysis saying us so guys if you are new to my channel I will suggest you to subscribe my channel because I I am updating this coin on a daily basis on my channel okay I gave the prediction in the recent video is the link in the video you can check it out that I told that that you need to exit from this coin at very early and now the coin is dumping and having its correction done and it’s making a reversal so guys from the important thing is that I told that this was the buy Zone and we are having a reversal here on the one day chart you can see guys this is around uh RSA is around a 38 or a 40 level so the RSI is uh completely oversold now so we need some relief really but the lack of volume is stopping a Zen coin to go upside okay you can see guys uh today the coin Zen coin pumped around 245 cents to 400 it is around as 80 percent pump but it doesn’t hold that okay but what I am expecting is that the coin now can go up but in a slow version in a slow momentum the coin will again go back to that resistance around 400 okay guys so that was the quick analysis for Zen crypto and this is a one day chart for the polonic okay guys if you like my video and Zen Quan prediction and if you are following me guys thank you for watching my video subscribe my channel for more upcoming videos thank you

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