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x-bong the EV maker Chinese EV maker surging today after it launched its new G6 Coupe SUV in China coming in at just under 29 000 that's below the price for Tesla's model Y which is currently around 30 000 in China and analysts were positive here on the pricing strategy for this new vehicle I mean look I I've never ridden in an x-pong I would love to I would love to give it a shot I have no doubt on our own Prof supermanian has taken a ride in all of these before but you know as you think about where this Market in China is getting that much more competitive whether it be on some of the U.S or european companies that are trying to set up camp to be able to produce and then directly deliver within that region Tesla has certainly been very vocal and very out front about some of their Ambitions there and especially in this EV landscape too as you have now a region that is placing more mandates in focus and and in operation for some of the traditional combustion engine companies that are in that region in the greater China region x-pong as well as Tesla and some of the other pure EV plays it's going to be interesting to see how they can be able to maintain their own market share while there is increasing production mandate from some of the larger entities that have been in the region for decades yeah I mean when it just comes purely to the stock the likes of folks at Citigroup while they're encouraged by the pricing of this product they say the valuation is too steep for them right now even though you can see what the stock has done over the past year

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