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everybody Welcome to the xrp price prediction video before starting this video guys join my telegram group link is available in video description check the description and join telegram group guys for free 0.4256 US dollar is the current price of xrp coin 0.78 person negative changes xrp corn guys and if you look here currently the price chart of xrp coin so there is not a big moment in a xrp coin the market is completely on the sideways guys there is no pump there is no dump in the xrp come on guys if you look here 24 hour volume price statistic data market cap so obviously xrp is really a strong project and recently it's pumped I think in last week from 48 Cent In currently it's 50 Cent less so I'll also give a signal about xrp cardano coin on telegram so if you are actually a member of my telegram group guys so I'm sure you are printing money from xrp corner so very very congratulations if you are printing thanks for watching guys for more of patriotics or PG on my telegram group link is available in video description see you in next video

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