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e yd unveils 224c line electric SUV a Tesla Model y Contender Chinese new energy vehicle n Giant yd has expanded its electric vehicle lineup with the introduction of the ca lion series featuring the debut model the C lion 07 this midsize all electric SUV revealed at the guangji International Auto Show is poised to compete with Tesla's popular model y let's delve into the details of BD's latest electric offering and its potential as a strong contender in the competitive electric SUV Market the C lion7 part of BD's ocean series showcases a design influenced by the ocean X concept and draws inspiration from the graceful movement movements of sea lions jumping into the water the distinct five-spoke design created under the guidance of Wolf Gang Joseph Edgar BD's Global design director sets it apart in terms of Aesthetics Edgar formerly associated with Audi and Lamborghini has infused the C l07 with a unique blend of style and functionality based on byd's E platform 3.0 the C lion7 features byd's 8 in one electric power train technology promising improvements in range safety and performance in low temperatures the model is available in both rear wheeel drive and four-wheel drive versions catering to diverse driving preferences the intelligent EAC technology including the disused C intelligent damping body control system enhances the driving experience and sets a new standard for electric Subs the sea lions are seven b dimensions of 4830 m in length 1925 m in width and 19620 M in height with a wheel base of 2930m positioned as a midsize electric SUV it falls within a competitive price range of R&B 200,000 to R&B 260,000 approxim 27600 to 35900 this pricing strategy positions the C lion7 as an attractive option especially when compared to other models in byd's lineup such as the denz N7 and the song L competition with Tesla Model y b yd aims to position the cine 07 as a direct competitor to Tesla's model wire emphasizing its longer body similar height and longer wheelbase with a price range that is notably lower than the model y the c07 is poised to capture the attention of electric vehicle enthusiasts seeking a compelling alternative in the midsize SUV segment byd envisions further expansion of the sea lion series with plans to integrate SUV models from the ocean series into the sea line array this twin t strategy combining SES and sea line and sedans under the seal reflects DD's commitment to diversifying its product portfolio and strengthening its position in the high value product [Music] segment [Music] 3

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